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  1. medal of honour was a let down the things i like about black ops are mentioned in the vid below [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKF4XzoRSe0]YouTube - Call Of Duty Black Ops Gameplay, Killstreaks and Perks (Review of the game)[/ame]
  2. We still doing the Fifa 11 achievement? I'm v Azzaa x on Xbox, btw, on your friends list.

  3. secret achievement mix 2 orange juices together with a blender then mix them with a queen bee in the workshop
  4. The secret achievement is to get 2 orange juices mix them in a blender have a queen bee as well then take them to the work shop and then mix the double orange with the queen bee and thats how u get it as its a secret combo card
  5. I would love some online achievements to be honest, and below are some they i have though of that they could lob in the game. Also i would love to hear your idea's for online achievements and would you like them. My idea's: 1000 kills online 10,000 kills online certain number of kills with each class earn over 1000 kill streaks win 1000 matches in a search and destroy game be last alive and have a full team alive on the over team and win the round kill 1000 people with killstreaks there are loads i could think of but pleae leave your idea's below
  6. So in halo reach they have just introduced somthing i would love to see in fifa, if u quit out of a certain number of online ranked matched u recieve a 30 minute ban that gradually increase the more u quit out of game and bans that person from there servers so they cant play ranked matches for the set number of minute/hours they are banned for and if they put this in on fifa it could help prevent people from quitting. What are your thoughts on this people personally i would love it as i dont quit online matches and it annoys me when someone quits against me and that is one of the reasons i stopped playing ranked on fifa10 as to many ppl quit but if they bring this in i would love it as i will know they have quit against me but i will also know they are getting a reward of a ban from playing ranked matches for a while.
  7. go here due to im notsure how to delete this thread http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=259546
  8. it wont be that as they have the one to play in all stadiums i know u mentioned play in all weathers but i cant see it being that
  9. So if u put a second controller on, aim a free kick with power into the top corner and u will notice even if u save it, it will say it crossed the line as when u hit it or catch it ur goalkeeper always goes behind the line for some reason if its aimed right in the corner.
  10. How can they improve to fifa 12? so i know only the fifa 11 demo is out at the minute but what do u think could b changed or improved from what ur seen so far?
  11. yossi agreed the deal on the first day but apparently by the fifa website it was completed until 2 days after ozils
  12. cant wait to try it in a real match as arena is to easy i came out the arena with 2 goals let in and over 150 saves i gave the bot free kicks and pens as well
  13. yossi ben(however its spelt) is on chelsea and he signed for them after Özil signed for madrid. so its weird
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