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  1. R.I.P Satoru Iwata. That's all that has been on my mind all day, such an incredible man. The gaming industry has lost one of it's greatest.
  2. Wow this site needs to email me when I get a visitor message! I wonder if there's a setting for that somewhere round here....


    Anyway, I'm generally fine. Been a really busy year and it's only going to get busier as we are expecting twins - due at the end of next month! I am hoping for little gamers of course. ;)

  3. Thank you! It wasn't bad, I got some pretty cool stuff, namely a Witcher 3 shirt that I love, and I managed to find a near mint Nightmare edition of Bloodborne so I treated myself to a birthday gift. :D How have you been? We haven't spoken in some time.

  4. I know, it's been ages! Things are pretty good, as good as they can be these days. Boring job, no time to do anything I like, the usual. ;) How's yourself?

  5. Happy Birthday, Callum! =) Hope you had a good day!

  6. Happy Birthday also! Long time no speak, how are things? :)

  7. Just bought Paper Mario on the Wii U VC, which has finally pulled me away from Witcher 3 and Dying Light. The N64 was awesome! Not as good as the SNES, but still awesome!
  8. Have you ever watched Veritasium? It's another scientific channel that is fantastic as well. Dirty, I used to love posting on the front page. Some of the shit I got myself in to back then... Wild. I still fondly remember much of my time here, which is what drove me to randomly log in today. A lot of the names I don't recognise anymore, and almost all the mods are different, but it still feels so familiar.
  9. It always gets me that our council charges for the service as well. In Nottingham, the council will take bulky waste away for free, but in Mansfield they charge £20.40. I have the whole room planned out and know the style of sofa I want, and this pissing thing just annoys the hell out of me, as until it's gone I can't move forward with anything in the room. I'm half tempted to dump it on the road and light it on fire.
  10. I'm surprised you guys still remember my name! I'm in the process of converting our living room in to the 2nd half of my games room, and I've realised it's fucking difficult getting rid of a sofa. We have this huge sofa that takes up so much room you could build the house within it, and the council want to charge me £20 to take it away. It's not in the best condition anymore so no charity places want it, and I can't find anyone that just needs a sofa. It's ridiculous. £20!? Would they rather me just dump it in the street?
  11. I can't believe the Random Thought thread is still going! I can't believe I remembered my password to log in, either.
  12. Indeed I did, hope the same was had for you! Good to see you're still dropping in when time is free. Cheers mate! :)

  13. Very late, but I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year! :D

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