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  1. I would also wish to boost on multiplayer doom as well. im actually new to it, dont have a lot of experience yet but im working on it! Send me a message if youre interested.
  2. The title says it all! 26 gems and 100% completion on the start screen and yet the achievement for the 26 gems (The Ultimate Gem Path) is still denied to me as it remains at 96%. Could it be that this achievement is glitched? Is anybody else experiencing the same issue? I tried completing again the last stage on which i got my 26th gem with all boxes destroyed but it didnt work. Could someone investigate or shed some light on this matter please? I would appreciate it! EDIT: The achievement has finally unlocked, so if you wish to close this thread now, you may.
  3. i need somebody's help for "entrepeneur", would be happy to return the favor? Could anyone help me as well with the unicorn and porsche achievements, since the porsches no longer seem to be available?
  4. Hello i need someone's help for entrepreneur, can someone trade it with me? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, i got some precious stuff in my old gamefile that i would wish to transfer into a new one, so i need another xbox live player to help me in this. What i want to transfer is the red dragon and the royal sceptre, can someone help me out?
  6. Looking for a skilled player to help me with LASO and other multiplayer achievements. My GT is Aggression Pure
  7. Im looking to boost all online achievements on halo 4. id like someone who knows what achievement can be obtained on which maps, because they're difficult enough to obtain already. A good connection that can be reached easily would be good too. Ive been trying to get them by myself and it seems hopeless...
  8. Looking for a coop partner to get both "Leave it where it lay" and "Look out for the little guys" on the halo ce level of two betrayals. I must not kill any grunts nor pick up any new weapons, so it would be best to have someone do most of the level while i remain behind. Can someone help me with that?
  9. I got the short list perk, tried to reset the merchant store, but the superior battlemaster armor schematic is ALWAYS absent regardless of what i do. I know others have had the same problems. Is there any SUCCESFULL way of making it show up? Please help me, its frustrating.
  10. The title says it all. The warrior class is what i always use and i do not desire to change that and since the legion of the dead armor in the strongest and can only be equipped by a dwarf... well, you get the idea. What techniques and spells shoud i teach my characters for me to beat the game on that setup on nightmare?
  11. Looking to boost all war games achievements, got 4 controllers as well. Is there anyone organizing a boosting session, by any chance?
  12. hello i have downloaded the complete tv series of mortal kombat conquest and i got along with the episodes, subtitles files in the form of .sub and .idx files but i have no idea at all how im supposed to use them for the subtitles to be visible on the videos. Can someone help me with this small issue?
  13. Hey there guys im looking for elusive buffs such as warrior slayer (weapons) and anti-warrior aid (armor). So what do you think i should turn to? Regular happy cards or limited edition happy cards? And should i wait for a guaranteed top buff limited offer or something like that? And what about bonus time? Does that affect the odds too? Please give me your thoughts.
  14. Looking for a skilled player to help me get "bros to the close" on coop. Im not sure at all if i can do it alone.
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