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  1. Quoting from MonkeyPunchBaby... You can also close the app/game down and then as soon as it restarts you keep the same outcome as before. I hope this helps in any way.
  2. Thank you so much for helping myself and Soldiers Owl for the completion of Fable 3!
  3. Well looks like it is a free update, but it is weird that the coding was shown... Many thanks Troy0891 for the information!
  4. Anyone else noticed that there is a Playthrough 3, but with no name... http://1drv.ms/1wElJOT Yet you can choose the "Y" button and it comes up with a blank question and the answers "Yes" or "No" Strange...
  5. Hello,

    I have responded to your questions to Bioshock Achievement "Brass Balls".


  6. Shoot Many Robots - 8/10 Overall a solid side scrolling shooter Customisations are amazing Multiplayer is where the game truly shines Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 7/10 Campaign is the same old, same old... Multiplayer has new game modes and to be fair pretty decent Zombies is FANTASTIC
  7. Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen - 9/10 Fantastic game! Very addictive but the let down is not being a full Co-Op game. Shoot Many Robots - 7/10 Very fun and enjoyable game. Just wish more people would play it for multiplayer matches.
  8. Happy Birthday :-)

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