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  1. Looks like you need facebook friends that play this game in order to send challenges. Add me here https://www.facebook.com/jeff.playsgames Reply to this thread if you also would like to get some friends that play this game.
  2. Looks like you need facebook friends that play this game in order to send challenges. Add me here https://www.facebook.com/jeff.playsgames Reply to this thread if you also would like to get some friends that play this game.
  3. yeah, that is what it was doing to me. Finally an update showed up in the market. I can only play on my phone. I tells me it is no longer available when I try to get it on the tablet.
  4. I know this is old but how do you get 100 diamonds a day?
  5. Yeah, I finally got that under that section I was talking about. I did not know it was going to be real money. I thought maybe it was something you got with gems or something. I have the same problem as you do with it not letting me in. It usually let's me after a while. You might check for an update.
  6. There is a mission in chapter one that says to buy the Welcome Bundle from the Special Offers Wall. Has anyone been able to find this? I keep checking the SALE! section in the store but nothing is there so I'm thinking it's the wrong place.
  7. Me Too! SirSpooneth Can add: D0NNA N0BLE as well
  8. You just hold down your finger on the screen with the black hole. The little dude will follow wherever you move you finger. Its very helpful on the "land here" and "make two laps around here" things.
  9. That did not work for me. I've been glitched for a while and looking for a work around.
  10. True achievements says you have to buy at least two.
  11. I am going to try and set one up for Friday. I just need Sacred Land but will help with others. I setup a gaming session here: http://www.xboxachievements.com/game/assassins-creed-4-black-flag-xbox-one/showSession-552
  12. I'm done with mine but stick around to help some friends for a while. Feel free to add me I invade daily and I try to keep resources in my market for 1 gold for anyone that needs them. I will also buy things from other markets so you can put some wood up for 100k each if you need money. SirSpooneth
  13. Keep in mind that people can not always help it if they have high level defenders. I'm done and have like 300 pikemen but if someone invades and kills my five defenders, it will throw my heroes in there for the next person. Also, if you can not connect properly, then it will throw peoples best guys I'm there to defend.
  14. Add SirSpooneth and YouOughtaKnow we play daily
  15. 11am it is. I will send out the friend request shortly.
  16. Updated list below. Does anyone have a problem with moving it back to 1pm cst for Taiyz? If so, then we will stick with the original time. I just wanted to get as many people the opportunity as possible.
  17. Let's go ahead and try this. We will be doing The Lost Island maps and achievements. See the order of achievements below. We will get them for people in the order they signed up. 11:00 am cst Sign up below: 1. YouOughtaKnow 2. SirSpooneth 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. We can do it with 6 players, I believe, but will leave it open to 12. If we have 6 on the 5th, we will go with it. We will go for map specific first. So that's: Totally Oarsome Cliff Diving Slippery Customer Swept Aside Chocks Away Old Boy! Then we will go for the match types: Renaissance Man Flawless Victory Egocentric/King of the Swingers Me and YouOughtaKnow will be there the entire time until everyone gets their DLC achievements. If needed, we might be able to help out with some others after that.
  18. Great info thanks! I will try to jump back in and see if I can get those.
  19. Yeah, I have re-installed it, changed the MS ID that is tied to my account and even got a new phone, installed it there and still get no luck. This stinks.... I did email Glu and at least they replied with a "Thanks for letting us know, we will get back to you if we have a solution". Yeah right.
  20. Has anyone found a way around this? The patch was going to come out on the 17th of Jan but it has not. Their twitter account has gone quite as well. It is starting to look like we won't get the update.
  21. So your probably the guy everyone is complaining about I'm jealous of your completion percentage btw...
  22. I'm glad I'm not the only one with issues. Some games (maybe one out of 10) are playable. The other times the game ends due to migration fail or it's just spawn, die, spawn, die, spawn, rinse, repeat. It was frustrating but now it's to the point where it's just normal. Guy just killed me with a shotty from the other side of the map? cool. Guy hits me in the face but somehow gets a stealth kill? ok. Guy kills me with a power jump but everyone else that is closer to him is just fine? Fun stuff. Kill cam shows me sliding? haha. Great. Jump behind someone with a LMG and unload in the back of his head yet he turns around and kills me with a pistol? Standard. Whatever. This is the first game since Gears that I might just forgo completing the achievements. The difference is with Gears, I did it because I was just not that good at MP. I can accept that. It might be the same with this one but I would like to find out without the crazy dropped games or what-the-crap-was-that lag. Also, I lose levels and progress on my assessments. Has anyone else had this? I leveled up to 10 three times. Each time the game would drop, and I would go back to 9. Then when I was lucky enough to get three games going back to back I went from 14 to 16. The 4th game dropped and I went BACK to 14. Whatever man. I got some attachments by luck and if I get the others I'm sure it will be the same. The power jump from 15m I got at the end of the match running away from someone with a MIKE. (hate that gun). The others I got just by trying to survive. I don't have a lot of trouble with the pinger other than the fact that it's slow and cumbersome. I should be able to get that one. But killing someone with a thrown object, power jump, and stealth kill? Probably not. Every time I sneak up on someone I just get a normal melee. Also the kills from the VTOL...what good is that thing? Would not kill a bunny rabbit. I played on a Saturday throughout the day and never noticed more than 2000 people on line. What a joke. I'm not sure because I have not played in a while but I'll bet Halo 4 still has more 2000 people on line and just about everyone is done with that game. (outside of the new mappacks) I can't even let myself look forward to the single player in this game now having heard how glitched that is. IMHO
  23. I am not sure why it is not in the market place but you can down load it by scanning the QR code here: http://www.bestwp7games.com/contract-killer-for-windows-phone-available-for-free-video.html#more-9008
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