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  1. So how do you unlock the shuffleboard mini-game?
  2. I got past that whole mission. Now im trying to find how to unlock the shuffleboard mini-game.
  3. How in the hell do you unhook the carriage? In the wild west dreamscape, I really cant figure it out. Do I go up, around, or through the green bales of hay?
  4. Just hold A, use X to slash, and go straight ahead (steer as well). Rinse and repeat on free play and the achievement is yours.
  5. Im getting tired of holding my MP for this game. When the hell does it come out, does anyone officially know?
  6. I agree, brings back major childhood memories. Jammed this game on my old Commodore 64/128. I beat the piss out of it I was so good, and I still played it over and over. Anticipating the release eagerly.
  7. Well with help for LegendKiller I have 1 more achievement left. The dreaded Sharkboy.
  8. Thanks my man. LegendKilla is doing awesome. We got him up to TNA status last night, now im next. I recommend him to anyone, he is a great gamer to know.
  9. Please help me with this. The last person bailed in me and he was a complete idiot to me as well.
  10. Keep avoiding, chair shot the hell out of them, stay in and out of the ring to throw them off, or just let them bring in the weapons and beat the hell out of them. Dont stay still. Give em 2 or more finishers each and you should be fine.
  11. Im online for a few hours. 10:45pm right now CST. Send me a FR @ Chi gti 97.
  12. Forgot to mention that I have only one online achievement, which is Planet Jarret.
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