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  1. FOR ANYONE WHOSE ACHIEVEMENTS AREN'T POPPING I can confirm that this works as far as I can tell.
  2. I haven't actually cleared the cache before on Xbox One, how exactly do you do it?
  3. Had this issue with "Fast and Furious" and now "Woodland Spirit". Think achievements have generally broken on the game.
  4. Can you play co-op on FUT??
  5. It's really random for me. Yesterday, I played all day without any issues at all. Today, I cant play for sh*t. It's annoying as well, as for me the error doesn't occur until the I've been playing for 30 seconds. Gets me thinking it's working and... BABOON! or whatever error code it decides to give me this time.
  6. Just a heads up, not sure if its been mentioned but he's not in the same place as last week (near the Crucible guys). He's now in the same area as the Speaker, in front of a big door. I guess he's going to be in a different place each week.
  7. Does anyone know if the level of your Cryptarch affects your chances of getting better gear from engrams, or is it just for the rewards for each rank?? thanks
  8. I go to Venus patrol and from the left at the start there is a cave up on a platform where one spawns. You can kill everyone there, then move away from the cave and he will spawn again. With Rockets and Supers this takes 2 minutes.
  9. Maybe, but seeing as a connection is required to do anything on Destiny you would expect that it to be much better than it is.
  10. Yep. Basically, I can only get it to work after 10pm, I guess when less people are playing. Poor really. A huge game that was expected to be so, and yet they cant handle the volume of players that have a copy. Very very poor from Bungie.
  11. Thought it was on my end to begin with but now after resetting everything I'm sure it's bungies issue
  12. Haven't been able to play for the last few hours. Anyone found a fix for this??
  13. For anyone who hasn't seen yet, it is currently x2 XP and will be until March 30th. Anyone who still needs the Level 55 achievement this is a perfect time to get this.
  14. Feel free to add me guys. I still need to find a Royal Convoy somewhere...
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