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  1. I watched the first episode and it was good, but the second episode was terrible and I heard the third episode was even worse... so yeah. I've given up on that show. And I watch True Blood. (which still isn't as terrible as this mound of crap in it's six season)
  2. Drama 5. Game of Thrones: S3E9 The Rains of Castamere 4. Breaking Bad: S3E13 Full Measures 3. Breaking Bad S4E13 Faceoff 2. Six Feet Under: S5E12 Everybody's Waiting 1. Lost: S3E22 Through the Looking Glass Comedy 5. Weeds S3E15 Go 4. Arrested Development: S3E? Mr. F 3. Arrested Development: S2E? Meat the Veals 2. Parks and Recreation: S3E? The Fight 1. South Park: Scott Tucker Must Die
  3. I honestly haven't played that many... that are good. I'll just rank all of the ones I've bought and played. 1. Portal 2. Limbo 3. The Walking Dead 4. Trenched 5. Minecraft 6. Nexuiz 7. Section 8 8. Fruit Ninja Kinect
  4. Good Surprises: Mirror's Edge - This game is pure brilliance. Dead Space - I got this game out of boredom. I didn't even like the demo, to be honest. But I still bought it. Never regretted it. Bad: Halo 4 - I'm not often surprised by games, so this is kind of on here just because it was a let down. It was a great game, but 343 seriously fucked up the Halo formula, which is what disappointed me. I know the game is great, but it just isn't Halo for me. Brink Gears of War 2 & 3: These games are the most unbalanced and unoriginal games I've ever played. It was fun at times if you could get over the balance issues and the terrible characters. Assassin's Creed: What bothers me about these games is that they're worse than Call of Duty, but they get a pass. They've hardly changed anything, the stories are pointless and boring, and while the multiplayer was innovative, each game just feels like an over-stuffed DLC, which is terrible. At least it's expected out of COD.
  5. 1. Halo 3 2. Mass Effect 2 3. Fallout 3 4. Portal 2 5. Bioshock
  6. Yes, but then they give average games 9+. Examples: The past couple of COD, Dishonored, Sleeping Dogs, etc. And Dead Space 3 gets a 7.8. OK then IGN. Somehow that makes sense.
  7. The first time I bought this game, it had a game-breaking glitch that apparently has no fix. So I returned it at gamestop. Now, I just went and bought it again, and it was a different copy, and it has the SAME GLITCH. It must me my xbox as I couldn't have been unlucky enough to buy two copies that have the same glitch. To go into more detail, the glitch is that I'm in a storage facility and I get to the top of the stairs to get to my objective and it freezes. I haven't tried anything YET, since I know firsthand that installing it, or redownloading my gamertag doesn't work. Has there been a fix yet?
  8. Merry Christmas Fax! Hope you and your family have a good one!

  9. Who comes up with this shit? Dishonored's unjustifiable praise from critics is terrible. If every game that isn't a sequel get's a 9+/10, even if it's not even that good, then the critics are doing something wrong.
  10. More ridiculous things... Walking Dead being nominated for a grammy (I have NO idea why... kind of OT) Black Ops 2 being nominated for anything really, but best score? And not Mass Effect 3? God, they're worse than the emmys. Dishnonored being nominated for best graphics... haha what a joke. Halo 4 not being nominated for GOTY, and then the Walking Dead winning. Seriously? I'm pretty sure they only did that to spark controversy and because they overreacted. BIG TIME. Just curious, what was nominated for GOTY? Stopped watching because of Samuel Jackson because all of his jokes about himself fell REALLY flat.
  11. The critics seemed pretty wrong as a whole. There's no way this game deserves a 4. What do you guys think?
  12. Dishonored is great, but missable, and BL2 was fantastic. IMO, the only thing that can even challenge Halo 4. And Mass Effect 1 was meh too, but it's all worth it for ME2. ME2 and Halo 3 are, IMO, the best games of this generation.
  13. I apologize; I only looked at a couple of videos due to my extreme disappointed from Revelations. I'm still eventually going to get ACIII, but now I'm more excited for it. I would pick Halo 4 as my GOTY, followed by B2, Dishonored, and ME3, even though it was a steaming pile of shit compared to ME2.
  14. People said that about Revelations, which was literally Brotherhood with bombs. AC3 looks great and different, but will be proportionally overrated as Revelations was. Halo 4 should win, but anyone who awards it that will be bashed for giving it to a "generic fps." Gotta hate the gaming community. :/
  15. I thought I got everything, but I'll check. Thanks! Edit: Nope... I've found every place in Oasis, Wurmwater, Hayter's Folly, The Rustyards, Washburn Refinery, Magnys Lighthouse, and the Leviathan's Lair... am I missing anything? lol I found it after a couple of hours of searching every map.
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