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  1. I don't really keep up with him too much to be honest. I mean, he and I are Facebook friends, but that was only because we worked together at a previous job. But, judging by his Facebook, he's doing good. Seems happy.

  2. 1. England 2. USA 3. France 4. Germany 5. India
  3. I can get the Legendary edition for £23 new, should I buy it? Would it be cheaper than buying all the DLC? Considering I already have the cheap one were you build property.
  4. Don't even consider Pure. Go with Saints Row III
  5. No, there is no Giant Pandas. Unfortunately, we only have Red Pandas, which aren't even Pandas.
  6. What the fuck? I am not getting this game if that's the case.
  7. I am not really part of the gaming community any more, but I have some free time on my hands, so I figured I would buy the DLC and finish all the achievements. I want to know if there is usually a sale were the DLC is half price, so I don't go wasting my money on paying full price, only for it to be on sale a week later (happened twice before). Also I do not have a gold membership, so I don't know if that will change anything.
  8. Why is it still £40 ($60)? surely it would have been reduced to around £25($40) by now.
  9. The Prince by Machiavelli, I read the book when I was 15. To a certain extent it proved to be relatively taxing. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-x5G09a0QbqA/TwoBAty_-GI/AAAAAAAAAaM/qNpB45j1i60/s1600/The+Prince.jpg
  10. Here I am, not far from being two years later, and still stuck on stage 5
  11. You would. GTA IV, will likely lead to more irritating moments than V, but it displays a heterogeneous satirical world in typical Rockstar style. Do not expect to be enthralled by the first mission, as the beginning set of errands are notorious for their iteration.
  12. I think both games have aspects which are better than others. For me, I found GTA IV, much more immersive as I felt it had superior character development. For me: Romeo, Niko, Pegerino, Ray, Elizabeta, Dwayne, Brucie, Lil Jacob, Dimitri, Vlad where all far more captivating and memorable than characters like Martin, Lamar and Lester. The only three characters which I would consider interesting on V where the three main protagonists. While I do not think the exploration is better in IV than V; I still prefer IV, because of the story which I have finished three times. Get IV and if you do not enjoy playing after completing around 30 missions then stop playing. (It will take a substantial amount of time to become immersed.)
  13. I haven't got it yet either and I just came onto this forum to see if anyone else was in my position. Glad I found someone. There was no copies left in my local Morrisons
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