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  1. Online right now and looking to do some free roam challenges, message me GT: Necrosis102
  2. EDIT: Thanks to JKSullivan for the vinyl achievement! I'm still looking to do some co-op free roam challenges if anyone is up for it, message me GT: Necrosis102
  3. Try here http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=804
  4. I eventually did it by myself, that way I could choose when to start over without having to worry about other players:)
  5. Is there a way to kick AFK'ers from the game? There doesn't seem to be...
  6. Might wanna check your post dates before you post, there.
  7. Looking for 2 people to boost Don't Touch The Car; this will also unlock Full House for those that need it. Let me know GT: Necrosis102 Also, thanks to Nightcirk for Full House. EDIT: Never mind, got it in Single Player.
  8. Are 4 players needed for this achievement or would I be able to unlock it with only 2 people?
  9. So, if i buy this game on Steam, can I still unlock GFWL achievements or only Steam achievements?
  10. Taken from Destructoid: Costume Pack 0 (costumes from the first game) - 80 MS Points/$1.00 Costume Pack 1 (costumes from DW6) - 80 MS Points/$1.00 Japanese Voice Option - Free New Stage & BGM Pack 1 (Sanjiang Castle map, plus eight music tracks from DW5/DW6) - 240 MS Points/$3.00 Weapon Pack 1 (Dagger-Axe and Bomb) - $2.00
  11. I'm surprised if MS banned you for that...like a month ago I came across this guy while playing Bad Company 2: http://live.xbox.com/en-GB/MyXbox/Profile?gamertag=himmlerheinrich Me and someone else both filed complaints against his gamertag AND avatar but MS still haven't done anything. They're somewhat efficient when it comes to banning people for their motto/bio, but for anything else they rarely seem to take action.
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