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  1. I think the problem is that the Combo Throw prompt does NOT show up. You are probably doing the normal throw. As a new DOA player that has not played any previous DOA titles I can tell you that at the beginning I had problems with the arrows in this game. For example, in Street Fighter => <= Punch means press forwards, then press backwards, then press punch. In DOA you have to press forwards and then you press backwards and punch (or in this case throw) simultaneously! I know many DOA players will laugh reading this, but coming from other fighting genres can cause problems. I also had a hard time using => => inputs. Successfully doing a tag throw was very hard and random, but now it is working perfectly.
  2. Wow, after trying and trying I finally got into the combo mechanic of this game (the first time I have ever played one DOA game, by the way). I followed the advice and managed to beat ALL of Hitomi's combo challenges. I am now almost done with the tutorial and even did the lesson where you have to do three tag ins (one of the last). It is actually doable after you get a feeling for the rhythm of button inputs. No way, I can remember any combo during an actual fight, but in the combo challenge I look at the left screen all the time which helps a lot to get everything right.
  3. Yep, there are several surprises in the tutorial. Stuff that cannot be done by people like you and me. For example: "Kicking an opponent against the wall does extra damage" - Okay "Please do this combo in a fight while facing the wall: KKK" - Okay, that's easy" "Kicking an opponent against the ground will do extra damage in certain stages (like this one where you have electric stuff on the ground)" - Okay "Please do this easy combo in a fight: PKPK=>KP+K; PKPPKPK; PKPKKP=>K;PKPKPKP" - WHAT THE F#$& The combo is made up, but it was a very long one, 5-6 lines, with Hayabusa. And there are other unfair combos in the tutorial. Why are such long combos included in the tutorial. It should teach the mechanics. One of them is extra ground damage, for example. One 70% damage combo is not needed to explain this to the player. 1% extra ground damage is also obsolete after such a combo. I will probably never get tutorial done or any complete combo challenge.
  4. That is no glitch. There are bonds for females and males but these are the bonds 1) between you playing any female character and every other character 2) between you playing any male character and every other character. Cai Wenji listed under male bonds simply shows you the bond you have with her while playing male officers. I was confused as well during the first hours. I thought it was a glitch when my bond with my bodyguard was back at zero after switching characters (from female to male, actually).
  5. Officers unlocked in Ambition Mode are ONLY unlocked in Ambition Mode and cannot be used in Free Battle.
  6. I only have a small harddrive, so I deleted the game after completing all five episodes. Do I have to download all five again to play the new one or is the original game (episode 1) enough? Has anyone tried to play episode 4, for example, but 2 and 3 was already deleted?
  7. Go to "Options" in the main menu and choose option 4, "Player search" it might be called in English. There you can activate/deactivate DLC maps. Maybe something got messed here after you did prestige.
  8. When I start the game and it is accessing my save file, it says that the file is damaged. This has not happened before the update. Does anybody have the same problem?
  9. Oh no, that sucks. But I skipped UNS Generations on purpose so I can enjoy many new characters (from a UNS 2 perspective) AND play a story mode how it should be.
  10. I got S+ in the first four levels and usually got A rank (even B in one level) for the time. You don't have to get S for all 4 parameters, but the total XP must exceed a specific value. So if there is a place with masses of spawning zombies you should spent the time and kill as many as possible. I play with Spectre, Samurai Edge and a sniper rifle. The sniper rifle is for soldiers only and I kill the rest with the pistol and pressing the LB button for some kind of auto aim. This mode is not very accurate but with Spectre's ability to locate items I manage to struggle from ammunition crate to crate.
  11. I don't see any need for XP farming. You probably want to do this to unlock the achievements for every weapon and every upgraded skill. So if you go for achievements, you should start to play 98 Versus matches, beat the game on Professional and do every mission on S rank on Casual difficulty with Spectre. Now you could try if you can manage S+ rank on Professional (which is easier than on Veteran in my opinion). I recommend to save as much XP as possible (only buy skills/weapons that are necessary), buy all weapons at once, unlock the achievement, quit via dashboard and start buying skills. I have both achievements for all weapons and all skills, have played 75 VS Matches so far and have beaten Mission 1 to 4 with S+ rank. I have never boosted, but enjoyed the challenge of S+. I had also already bought about 30% of all weapons and skills before I saved my XP and used the described method.
  12. It is getting more and more obvious that the release is on SEPTEMBER 19th, not August. This would be a Wednesday, the usual release day of new marketplace stuff. August 19th is a Sunday. There are also no achievement news or official statements from Ubisoft. Furthermore, the DLC is delisted from Major Nelson's blog. Maybe we get a surprise and Ubisoft announces the new DLC on Gamescon and it will be downloadable a few hours later, but I highly doubt this.
  13. I have just realized that the DLC will be released on a sunday. That's weird.
  14. It is highly likely that they will add new achievements. By the way, I had to download an update some months ago. I thought that Chaudown is maybe patched already? But a patch wouldn't solve my first problem that I have not met Mr. Chau in my 3.5 playthroughs yet.
  15. Major Nelson posted that there will be a Scott Pilgrim: Online Multiplayer+Wallace Pack released on 19th August for 400 MSPoints. Are there any news about this pack? I think 400 MSPoints are a bit expensive if this pack would only include online multiplayer plus one new character. Nevertheless, I am excited
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