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    my name is Jacob, and i've been a gamer since i could hold a controller in my hands.
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    I live in a small little Nowheresville in Michigan.
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    I enjoy gaming, obviously, reading, and listining to music.

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  1. Nice guide, dude, and you got it up fast! My only addition would be to either add an asterisk or a red color to cases that have mutually exclusive ending choice achievements, or perhaps list in the abbreviated walk-through which cases one should be careful to use save manipulation in case they don't want the game spoiled for them.
  2. Hi! My gamertag is lazygammer13. I would love a copy of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. If that's too much trouble, a copy of Rage 2 would be fine instead. Thanks!
  3. GT: lazygammer13 Honestly, all of the games look good, but South Park: The Fractured But Whole would be great to get.
  4. I would love to get this one! Thanks for another cool giveaway, guys! GT: lazygammer13
  5. Gamertag is lazygammer13 and I would like to get "What Remains of Edith Finch" please! Thanks, folks!
  6. GT lazygammer13 Prey, please! Thanks, team for these cool promotions!
  7. You all are awesome! GT: lazygammer13 Game: Lego City Undercover
  8. GT: lazygammer13 Good luck, everyone, and thanks XBA Team!
  9. GT: lazygammer13 Thanks for a cool sweepstakes, fellas!
  10. Great start to the guide, but a few extra things: You can check which fish you've caught, how many of each crop you've shipped, and which recipes you have made if you look under "collections" on the inventory screen. Also, remember to advise players to not start completing bundles and then buying the JaJa Co. membership, or else you mess up the chance to get either respective achievement.
  11. Since you are talking about bugs and all, has anyone else had some hiccups in the game where it will freeze and the audio will repeat? I've had that happen A LOT and it's starting to get annoying. I've had it happen in a few other games before, such as Fallout 4, but not nearly as often as with Deus Ex: MD.
  12. I sort of thought that Jensen might be a clone or something, but it really could just be as simple as the people who found him didn't want him to know who he was yet, so they didn't bother using the serial numbers on his equipment. We honestly don't know if he still has the same augs or not. Plus, how would anybody except Sarif and Jensen know what happened on Panchea? I doubt they can implant memories on someone unless they are still alive (like how that Serial Killer quest went).
  13. Yeah I was having trouble earlier but it seems to be fixed now. A bit disappointed about the always online model but the game itself is phenomenal.
  14. Thanks everyone for the responses, and especially Ink129, as yours was very in-depth; just what I was looking for! Entering windows, the terrible combat/countering system, and the whole fact that you couldn't counter a gunshot with a human shield were some of the worst parts of Unity, so I'm glad those are fixed. Brotherhood was my favorite, so I'm actually excited to play this again, if it almost reaches the height of AC2. Thanks! "The murder mysteries - OK, I really loved these in Unity too. Why no murder mysteries in Syndicate? Really? No murder mysteries in Victorian London?" I could have sworn I saw a video that said there WERE murder mysteries in London, but they were called something else. There were supposed to be 8 of them, I thought? Did they not make it into the final game, or have you not found them? The video I found called them the "Dreadful Crimes." Here's the link to the video (The murder part starts at 4 minutes in)
  15. Hmm... See, I did not even like the fixed version of Unity. The combat made you feel so underpowered compared to the other games, the AI was dumb, and the dodge-counter button felt broken at best. I guess I will still play the game, I just need to know what I'm getting into first, as Unity had the worst controls of the entire series and I had almost no fun with it. I don't want to have the same thing happen with Syndicate.
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