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  1. Wonder after maintenance Today will tr still be putting out as much damge
  2. Good stuff congrats to him strange ye didn't get it unless it locks later on pointless if it only unlocks for the odd person
  3. Anyone get in on these quick 5 min msva runs were TR are doing all the damage. Shame I cant get my SW to do that damage.
  4. This fishing is the height of rubbish next mod shinning shoes for a slim chance of a linu favor. Managed 2 get 3 messages in a bottle 1 yesterday 2 today. New weapons coming in mod 11 which are supposed to be better than the ones that are newly available. Don't know what to do with my 4k SW still running black ice gear as didn't get luck in getting the demo gear. Better chances of it dropping now but should I transfer everything over 2 3k gwf as where SW is going mite b a waste of time sticking with him.
  5. 5 new achievements added this could be hard Complete the Svardborg trial with no one in your party dying. There`s 2 types of trials one epic and a normal what's the chances its just for the normal.
  6. Got message back from them yesterday they said I deleted them along with few other items in my mail, and to be careful when dealing with items and they would reinstate all item as a one time courtesy. Thought great until I looked and seen they are account bound on alt, Rank 10 is more or less useless 5 smop should be able to use again. Will just have to be careful when I sent item to uses them with. Fair play to them giving them back to me but they weren't account bound in first place lesson learned.
  7. True, just for making parts for the new relic weapons. Doubtful they will add achievements probably at a later date I would imagine.
  8. Cool hopefully they will. Who's ready for sea of moving I seen you need level 25 in Artificing and Weaponsmiting.
  9. Set up an alt gamertag since its free to get another 2 characters free and thought it would be handy to get leadership profession up to 25, bit of a small grind to be able to send stuff. Got some fee preservation wards out of winter festival so I had a fey rank 10 wanted to rank up and would use wards on alt account. So sent fey and 5 smop along to it tried but no luck ill send them back........ Kids running around Xmas time attention elsewhere. Back on few hours later, oh must look for fey and smop no sign. Looked throughout all 9 alts no sign. Don't know what I did with them. Submitted a ticket, week later still waiting on a reply
  10. Are all the level 20 guilds burning out seen few threads about look good play good and few others having trouble with members and stuff. We have just stared on level 20 hope there aint any drama to come.
  11. Seriously you cant go past 500 Bryn Shander Reputation. Some clowns running that place, Don`t you need something like 800 Rep in next update. Finish off my last few fishing and wont be back in icewind dale for a good while. If FBI had some real value I might have ran it more than once.
  12. Was gonna do that but will still have to do fishing quest to get Ten-Town supplies for another while. Grinded enough at this stage, my poor SW isn't as good as he used to be. I have a near 3k GWF and a 2.5k HR think I might be switching to one of this after the next nerf. Are they turning the SW into a dps buff cleric, thought we already had one of them.
  13. Fbi done, waiting on the fishing quest 2 finish.
  14. I cant see many running the new dungeon after it becomes available. The rewards out of it won`t make it worth while, which will make it a right pain. Also forgot about the lanolin have only 14 I should have been farming more HE.
  15. Seriously does the Voninblood only go up to 100k, had 98 k and farmed some relics with the free trowel. Must have had about 8 k didn't pass or tell me I was full.
  16. It didn't take them long to fix that ball event exploit, now not using the key on second dungeon chest was never suppose to used that way its been used please. I think everyone here Knows its a grind and knew what to expect. With this new key change, plenty have left PC and ps4. Won't be long till no one is playing it.
  17. ("Fangbreaker Island" is the main attraction of this module. It is an all new epic T3 dungeon that will be more difficult than any other endgame content currently in the game. It requires an Everfrost Resistance of 28%, an IL of 3100 and a campaign unlock to enter (25 days in). Does that mean its 25 days before you get a crack at new Dungeon
  18. What's with stupid 50 Gs thought they had finished with this. Was looking at smite other day it has alot more Gs and was out after this game.
  19. Ya seen post on reddit, soon they will take away salvage altogether saying the game will be better without it, and take away daily Enchanted key with vip. 90 days 8 hours 10 minutes haven't spend a penny was going to till they took away the Coalescent Wards from trade house.
  20. 9 days vip left only got my warlock to be competitive not as much dps as Baratheon and kind of enjoying it again then this news hits. Wonder will there be achievements with the next update or will they leave it at 2k. Hoping they do now as wont be bothering to come back. Still is has kept me busy for the year.
  21. Had a couple Quartermasters lying around got 1 to rank 7 sold for 300k, price seems to be climbing have 1 more at 7 mite put it up for 500k
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