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  1. I tried that, the contacts come up empty in the phone, and the mission marker always points to the dock where you start the originally. I also tried running around for a few minutes just to see if I got a call (which I didn't), restarting the checkpoint a few times, cancelling and restarting the mission, and re-loading my save. All of them lead back to nothing happening past the initial cutscene.
  2. Did anyone else have the issue during the Buried Alive mission, where after the cutscene plays, absolutely nothing else happens?
  3. For anyone who played the first one (and/or 100% it). Doesn't this one seem EXTREMELY easy compared to the first? While I haven't finished it yet, it's mostly because of the amount of time that I've had to play it, not due to the challenge of the levels. It seems like the Pro Medal levels are set up where you can easily get them the first run-through, for example.
  4. In for getting the online achievements. Message and friend request : CalacaDeMuerto
  5. I'm gonna give you a e-kiss, you are the best ever.
  6. I cannot for the life of me land after the O without the Big Drop coming up and me crashing at the end. I've tried going slow/fast, I've tried manualing at all points before the landing, and I've tried doing grab tricks then landing. Anyone have any tips? I watched some videos but still can't get it. =(
  7. Yeah, I was signed in both times, but it seems like it stopped now. I'm hoping for the best, haha.
  8. Thanks everyone for the tips! Hopefully we can all get this single player if we have to!
  9. Has anyone else had any issues where after turning the game off and back on, their progress has completely wiped? It's happened twice so far for me...
  10. Is anyone else unfortunate like me, where you're going to have to try to co-op the game by yourself with two controllers? I'm really happy the game got XBLA'ed and upgraded, but that one achievement (and the fact that it has to be local) kind of aggravates me.
  11. So since I can't find any guides for it yet... Are you only an amateur that first time you play the Masters (when your character is horrible)? Or is there a different way to get that achievement at any time?
  12. Does anyone know how the status points work? Do I only get more from just playing the game and doing normal game stuff, or do I have to play online/with the clubhouse?
  13. #1 in the ranks in TW usually means number one rating overall in your career, not online.
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