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  1. Yeah, just unlocked The Gardener. I got it after loading up the game after waiting for several hours. So does anyone know how to get The Sniper? I've tried using my Level 7 Shooters with Snap Aim but I can't hit the zeds fast enough/without missing a shot. What is the best way to get this?
  2. Has anyone else had trouble with The Gardener (Grow 10 Food)? I constructed a garden and I have let it run for multiple in game and one real world day but I am still at 0/10. Also, what about The Sniper? Do you have to get 5 Headshots without missing a shot or do you have to get 5 headshots in quick succession, or both?
  3. I didn't count the total either of those times... and I'm not sure if it changes every time EDIT: I played a few more rounds, and I have found that the number of people you can bring does not change. You can bring 6 survivors, not including the person you are currently playing as while you make your selections (so 7 total).
  4. Does anyone know how many people you can take in the RV with you at the end of the level/round? Does it change every time? I'm on level 3 and I have a group of 20 survivors so I need to know how many of them I should train to the max while the game is still easy...
  5. Don't forget Geto Boys This is probably my favorite song in the game. [ame= ] [/ame]
  6. I did the same challenge for this achievement. What you want to do is get them down to 1-3 bars of health and keep backing away. Equip the best armor you can afford and stock up on Med-X and Stimpaks. Shoot them and then open the menu and heal up. Rinse and repeat until your target is dead, but make sure to kill all of the regulars before you go in for the alpha males and the mothers.
  7. Yeah, I like Lazlow but I don't care for "Chakra Attack" or "Bless Your Heart". I also like Beyond Insemination with Danny McBride but it seems like there is only ten minutes of content...
  8. Just thought I should remind everyone who doesn't have this achievement that September 17th is in 3 days, and it is the only day you can get this achievement! So unless you want to wait until 9/17/14 to get 1000g in this game, you need to play on Tuesday
  9. I am glad they are starting fresh. T4 was almost identical to T3 aside from a higher saturation and the faces of characters in the campaign. One aspect I liked in T4 over T3 was the office buildings because they allow you to become a developed country in that your economy doesn't solely rely on raw materials/manufacturing, hopefully T5 expands on this.
  10. I agree with you completely, and I can say that even on Classic they aren't that bad. The trick is to get 2 heavy troops and 2 snipers for the terror missions, use the heavys to distract/draw out the Cryssalids into the snipers' crosshairs and if things get hairy, start exploding the aliens into pieces with rockets. Also, the difficulty of this game is what makes it so enjoyable. You have to think and take your time to carefully flank the enemy, your decisions have serious repercussions and beating the game isn't a given. If you think this game is too difficult, go back to your AAA FPS.
  11. I used your load/save strategy and it worked great. I chose the rooster with the most wins and it won most of the time, OP's guide is complete nonsense.
  12. I'm trying to organize a group for these 0g online achievements. I have sent messages out to those who replied to this thread recently but please contact me via Xbox live if you haven't. We will choose whatever time works best, but around 8pm Eastern (-4 GMT) is preferable. Please use your mic, as communication will be very important. 1. damtalldylan 2. I Never Get Mad 3.TwinTowers2311 4. Almighty Force My gamertag is damtalldylan
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