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  1. I tried it. Still says unavailable. Everything I tried still says every is unavailable to download
  2. I’m looking to get the co op achievement for sniper assassin. Send me a message on Xbox. Gamer tag:Daniel55645.
  3. I know of the easy gamerscore list, I mean games that play like this. 2d side scroller, running around for information.
  4. Are there any other games like this on the Xbox One? This game came in under an hour for the 1000G, and really didn't mind doing it. If there are any other games like this one, I want to do them as well.
  5. Awesome. Thanks. Just found my next game now
  6. reminds of the ferrari race game that came out. even on easiest difficulty, could not pass a race that was very early on in the game. only got 35GS for the game.
  7. Awesome. That'll make hard a lot easier to get through. Wasn't sure If I was going to for the completion of this game or not until now.
  8. Mine did that as well. Little sister savior didn't unlock until I went back and did the Survivor one. Then they both unlocked.
  9. I play expert everything, mainly vocals. I'm active a couple times a week, so if that is enough activity for you, add me. Gamertag is Daniel55645.
  10. Yes I would like join a crew. I play expert everything but mainly vocals. Gamertag is Daniel55645. If it doesn't show me, let me know. I don't know if I have to leave the crew I created first to join another.
  11. 1/10 difficulty my ass. This should be rated a 3/10 at minimum. I'd even give it a 5/10 just for the amount of frustration this game had caused me. I had to quit playing it before I pulled all my hair out.
  12. Unless you actually quit the game, you're fine. I hit the guide button and watched Netflix for 2 hours and came back. I still got the achievement. So unless you actually "Quit" the game, you'll still get the achievement.
  13. That's what I figured, but wasn't sure. It's strange they came out with the disc at the start of the season instead of the end like they usually do.
  14. I'm getting ready to start the game and I bought the disc. Are all 5 episodes already available to play with the disc?
  15. I have rotten eggs if anyone has golden eggs to trade. Send me a message GT: Daniel55645
  16. I remember making it to level 3 a few times as a kid. I don't really think I could do much better now as an adult.
  17. From what I can tell, there is no auto save, so make sure you save your game often. Save your game at the beginning of a new level as well. If you hit restart level, you won't restart with the load out you selected.
  18. The guy has vids of the other levels as well making the game a breeze.
  19. I pre ordered the limited edition on amazon and just finished with episode 3. Awesome game so far
  20. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with this problem cause it's pissing me off. I can't even get higher than a 10 note streak with out a ghost strum.
  21. call or email customer support.
  22. My complaint about the game is that it just doesn't feel like a Metal Gear Solid game. It just doesn't have that intriguing story with super long cut scenes. it's just, go do this, now go do this, now extract this guy.
  23. That'd be awesome man. I probably won't get to the game for a few weeks but would be great having a guide when I'm ready.
  24. Level 145 and just now for the VERY FIRST time hit the top prize on the wheel.
  25. i got 500k for franklin (which sucks cause i RARELY ever play with him just for fun cause he's pretty much useless) online 500k idk about. i never even played the game online on the 360. not sure i'll ever do it on the xbox one either.
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