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  1. Just downloaded this dlc this morning and no achievements are up yet I hope this will be fixed soon
  2. anybody got a level 70 celestial enforcer class mod, prismatic bulwark, 3dd1.e, and any great laser weapons and wouldnt mind dulipcating for me please gamertag darth maul fts
  3. I was wondering if anyone had any of the following and would be willing to duplicate them for me please. Level 50 or higher please Axton Legendary Soldier Class Mod level The Sham shield Sticky Longbow Quasar Grenade mod Bone of the Ancients Artifact Weapons Bulets Go Fasterified Slagger Practicable Butcher Nasty Chopper Purging Stalker My gamertag is Darth Maul FTS thx
  4. Hey, I saw your message about the destiny clan/raid achievements. Right now, our clan has 4 and we need at least six. Here is the link if you want to join. https://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Detail/1276546

  5. Looking for a team to do raids hopefully without dying and a hard raid then oryx raid which i have the last cp until tomorrow if 5 more people wanna join gamertag Darth Maul FTS mainly free after 5 pm central time any day
  6. looking for Laso checkpoint on Halo 2 and ODST if someone could share that please gamertag Darth Maul FTS
  7. Okay I have tried to find them at the Dino pads but all I see are three baby Dino and one adult.
  8. Im a level 30 Titan looking to get some practice on raids but need more players plus need materials gt=darth maul fts
  9. nevermind I figured it out
  10. I cant seem to get Stan Lee to show up at the Xmen Mansion is it suppose to be at a specific the book mentions something about The Brotherhood attacking it so do I have to start over or what please help
  11. Its wired I can get it to work on halo 2 and gears of war
  12. I have been trying to get my controller to work on the PC version but the option is grayed out and says disable anyone know how to fix this
  13. Sorry I meant to say I need to boost the Japan and Korean versions
  14. Looking to get the LASO checkpoint for the Master Chief Saga playlist I have halo 1-4 already. Also willing to boost/help with any matchmaking achievements
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