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  1. this can work with Halo 4? i mean i have a glitched achievement where i need kill 20 players with a weapon in a specific map i have 198 kills and 0 achievements -.-
  2. Need help for "No Easy Way Out" achievement GT: Dymblos Must be in Heroic, Normal do not work -_-
  3. GT: Dymblos Need all Online Achievements
  4. GT: Dymblos I need All Online achievements this will take a lot of time, 1500 match is a lot, but is someone want to do this, im in
  5. GT: Dymblos Need the 6 online achievements
  6. GT: Dymblos Need the 6 online achievements
  7. i want boost this game too GT: Dymblos
  8. im looking ppl for boost multiplayer achievements also i dont know how many ppl are needed for enable ranked mode
  9. "...And that's all I need." 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg Complete all missions using only one of the swords to attack for example in mission 4, u recomend use the dual knives but there is a part where u need destroy a lot of crates can i use the moonlight sword? because with the dual knives i never can destroy all them
  10. no is for the achievement ""...And that's all I need." u cant use ninjitsu for kill bat.. or any enemy, if u use ninjitsu, u cant get the achievement and i CANT get the Emblem(Kurokawa Yakuza): Unlocked with only 1 Sword used in the mission.. i already finish the mission again using only the moonlight sword, i dont undersant why the embelm dont appear. maybe because in the QTE the main dude, use the ninja blade. EDIT: I GET IT XD.
  11. This guide is wrong in ONE achievement, that use a single sword in each mission U CANT USE NINJITSU FOR KILL ENEMIES for example in mission 1, u CANT use wind ninjitsu for kill bats
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