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  1. Hello all. Wanted to thank the people so far I have helped and that have helped me and please, keep those requests coming.
  2. I just wanted to update folks on this topic. I have gotten almost 10 messages so far, so that is awesome I will be able to help a lot of people. I just had a few things I wanted to mention to clear up future messages. I work third shift from my home, 10:30pm to 7:00 am in the morning EST. So if you see me on at night playing a game, I cannot help during that time. I play single player games while I am waiting for calls to come through so it would be to hard to help people as I could get a busy section of calls for two hours or more. So, I've been telling people the times I CAN help with this. Between the hours of 6:00pm and 10:00pm 7 days a week. I am also off on Tuesday and Weneseday of each week, so I can help during various hours on those two days. If for some reason you cannot join up with me during those times, send me a message and we can try and work something out. Anywaym just wanted to clear that up and keep the messages coming!
  3. Greetings all! I have a save right before each of these elusive achievements. Even if you just want to grab them to get them over with, or your stuck with the Purewal Memorial Cup Glitching on you, I am here to help. I will be doing this as long as this topic stays alive. So the people who get this game for Christmas, I will still help. Note at the moment I only have the 360 version, hopefully getting the PC version soon as setting some saves up for it. The only thing I ask in return, is help on Co-op challenges. Basically, if you just need one achievement, just help me get Gold on one Co-op challenges. I am almost done the single player challenges, so I know how to get them done. If I get you both achievements, maybe help me with two challenges. That is all I ask. I am willing to help as many people as I can. Even after people help me get the Co-op Challenges done, I will still offer to give these out. I keep *most* of my games and I will not be selling this one for sure. So please, drop me a message on Xbox Live, I prefer a text message until we get in game as I only ever put my Mic on when I am in multiplayer, just make sure your friend request or message has DR2:OTR in the title. Also, feel free to send it to me even if I am offline. I will get back to you and we will set up a day/night to get these achievements for you. Thanks all and happy Zombie Killing!
  4. Just got the game along with my kinect. I will update this when I have the achievement! Need : Winning! Tag= Zombie Lover 84 Yes with spaces. I will help you get your Winning! achievement as well. Just send me a friend request with either Fruit or x360a in the title.
  5. And before you say "it should be perfect when release!" don't. It's impossible. Even with a large team of testers over several months, there is going to be things they miss. It's not possible to make the "perfect" code. Going from 60 testers to millions of fans is huge. It's why games like Skyrim finds bugs the testers don't within hours of release. There is just no way to account for everything, every possibility, etc. Not to mention the number of bugs/glitches that come up as "Non-Replicable". Simple glitches or bugs that they only see once, and test and test and cannot replicate it. It might be a freak one time thing. Or, it might be more better discovered once a million people get their hands on the game.
  6. Settle down there. First, your system locking is I almost 100% positive has nothing to do with Ubisoft or AC:R Second, I think nearly every game has an update. This actually doesn't mean it's a patch, as MS has of course tweaked the dashboard so much that I remember back near the last update every game got an update. (and all it was for was to smooth compatibility with the Dashboard). Only some games have full fledged updates at launch. Battlefield had one addressing everything from the beta. (or as much as they could). Remember, a game's "gold" copy is sent out around 2-3 months prior to the release, it takes around 3 weeks to get approval at Microsoft, then of course they send the Master Disc to the disc press to get all the copies made. In the mean time, they can of course evaluate and work on anything that might creep up during that time frame. Anything that Microsoft testers found can be fixed, etc. So relax. Be glad that in this day and age console games can indeed get patchs.
  7. I hate to say it, but IGN is wrong again. See, there was a Europe Set, and a US set I believe. To add on to that, there is a 2001 set (original release of MGS2) and then a 2002 set (release of MSG2 Substance on PS2/Xbox.) Now, I did some digging around on gamefaqs.com, and found a guide for Substance, and it's the SAME NAMES as in the HD release. (if you look at your dog tag viewer, you will see it says 2002). In other words, using a dog tag game should be viable if you use say a substance version. I actually used a Europe original MGS2 tag guide on very easy and they were all exactly the same places, just the names were different. http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps2/561508-metal-gear-solid-2-substance/faqs/20774 Here is the guide list/chart of the dog tags. They match up perfectly with the HD release. That guide was last edited in 2003. So no, it isn't new hehe.
  8. I just want to make everyone aware of something. Going through MGS2, esp. for me, and you will get there aswell, is easy as pie except for one or two of the boss fights on extreme, and the button mashing. Also, it only takes around 2 hours to speed through it skipping everything WHILE STILL collecting dog tags. In other words, following a guide for dog tags wouldn't take longer than say another game like GTA4 pigeon hunt. You can do the tanker in around 20 minutes if you know it perfect, 30 if your very new. I suggest a first run watching the story of course. The plant takes around an hour and a half on average I'd say. I can confirm that the exact places and conditions for dog tags are the same as the PS2 version. (at least on very easy lol). UPDATE: Reason for the edit. I did some digging and discovered this game DOES use the exact same names as the original release of Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance. There were two lists. One list of names belongs to the original game. It's the 2001 list. Now if you go into your dog tag viewer and look, it say's 2002. That is because a brand new set of names were selected in 2002 for the release of substance. I did some digging, and they match up EXACTLY with that list. http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps2/561508-metal-gear-solid-2-substance/faqs/20774 Anyway, for those balking at the dog tags, it really doesn't take that long, and by the time you get to hard mode and extreme, your gonna have infinite ammo and stealth camo, making the game and getting the tags pie, except for those couple bosses.
  9. I just did actually. I did 100 pullups this time and leveled to level 2, Octagan sent me the message saying way to go. Listen, don't know why your didn't work, but obviously you were failing to do 100 pullups with snake. Why? No idea, sounds like user error for sure. And just because you THINK it didn't work for you, you can't totally write it off as fact that you did indeed to 100 flawless pullups with Snake. :-p Another poster already confirmed getting it with Snake, as I am sure many others will. Take the fact you jumped the gun and were wrong about an achievement and move on. The fact is, the achievement can be gotten with Snake just fine.
  10. This is a lie. I leveled mine to grip level 3. Would you like a screen shot or video?
  11. Not glitchy. Like I said, you got to make sure you do 200 pullups that count. Can't do half ones and stuff. The drop/catch is the best method, way faster and 10 every time. And Octagon also sends you a codec message with Snake when your grip goes up a level.
  12. On number two you are completely wrong. Just check my GamerTag and see the times. Obviously, you just did not do enough pullups with Snake lol. Also, I didn't do pullups, that takes to long. Doing the drop/catch = ten pushups. I did that 20 times, boom level 3 grip in the engine room. Real quick edit: I just now got the steel grip in the engine room, and now I will be soon getting of course the ghost achievement in hold 2 and meeting Ocelot. Not sure why it didn't work with you and snake. 200 pullups is hard as hell because you don't actually know if it counted. The drop catch trick is so much easier and if you have trouble catching 20 times in a row without dying, just leave the room to save it after every couple succesful tries.
  13. The names might be different because I THINK Europe had their own set of named tags, and the US had theirs. I might be wrong, but have you tried looking at a US Dog Tag list to see if the names match up?
  14. The same thing happened when they remade Twin Snakes on GC. In that game, you had a safety button you could press to lower your weapon, and then if you released it your gun would come up. Same thing as the pressure sensitive, except you are using two buttons instead of one. I prefered this way, because every once in a while in MGS2 I would, of course on accident, shoot a guard I was trying to hold up.
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