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  1. What I found worked for me was every time I loaded the game up I did a daily challenge before doing any of the puzzles. Before doing this I had the same problem as above, but after each one counted and I got expert with 28 done, hard with 21 so it looks like nearly all of them counted. This was across downloaded packs etc. Guessing the game has to 'log in' for things to count, but give it a go and hope this helps.
  2. Thanks for that, looks like it was some sort of glitch as it's ok now, and looks like nothing was lost as my score and games played jumped up as well. It does seem a bit flakey though - signed off at 95 games last night, played one on the train this morning and it had jumped to 108 played which was strange but not complaining.
  3. It looks like any games I play and points earnt are not adding to my totals. I've tried completing a few games in a row, restarting etc etc but nothing seems to help and I'm stuck on 59 played and 54kish total score. Any ideas, and is this happening to anyone else? Thanks.
  4. I was having problems with the swipe one too, but managed to get it by not trying to mark any flags at all, just remembering where the mines were. With the swipe option on from the start (switch it on and then start a new game if you want to be sure) doing the above worked for me even with no flags on the board at all.
  5. Hi I need help with - Artilleryman (20 Turret Kills) - Down Boy! (Zip-lining enemy killed) - Lights Out (10 melee kills) and can help with anything else you need too. I'll be online on and off for the next four hours or so. GT= Love Bandit, send me a message if you can/need help.
  6. Is it possible to do this via system link do you know, or do you have to have two live enabled accounts and do it online? I've got a Gold trial lying around, and a second copy of the game in the post through Lovefilm but if I can just link my two consoles together locally that'd be easier. Thanks.
  7. I'm looking for boosting help, but with a poorly baby not sure when I can. Will contact people who've posted here Does anyone know if it's possible to do the multiplayer through system link? Got two Xboxes and can get the game on Lovefilm. Thanks.
  8. Same thing happened to me and I started this thread here: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=392961&highlight=terramorphus Short answer for me was to use a new character, nothing else worked. If one of you can use your main character to get it to unlock for the other that would work. It didn't affect the all missions complete achievement though.
  9. No, you should be ok. Just finish the story and they will be available again. I had the same thing, and got the achievement for all side missions no problem.
  10. Thanks for all the offers of help and advice, got it eventually after using a new character. Edited the first post to say how I did it, it may help someone else.
  11. Thanks for the advice / clarification. I've got a back up save just before the fight so I'll try that, and killing him again, just wondered if it was a known problem with a known solution. Add 'after turning in to Tannis' halfway through the second line. At least I checked other posts first and didn't write 'y no tera unlock. u hlp me plz'.
  12. Will look again, but did turn in that and got the 'all missions complete' achievement after speaking to Tannis but not the one for killing Terra. This one should unlock after killing Terra going by youtube.
  13. Not been able to find a thread on this in the forums, but it's mentioned in the achievement comments as happening to others so want to ask the question. After besting Terramorphus, the mission was marked complete and I was able to get 'Did It All', but no 'Thresher Thrashed' achievement. I didn't fire the last shot, but none of the other two people in the lobby got it either. I was tagging along as I'm only level 36, but can't see that making a difference. Any ideas on how to unlock this? Just keep beating him? Edit: Got it eventually - tried a new character. Tried 5-6 times on my main character whom I originally had the problem with, it wouldn't unlock. Tried with a new character, and unlocked first time. Guessing as the challenge for killing him was ticked on my main character, the game saw that and felt no need to give the achievement again. Hope that helps if you're having problems.
  14. In Borderlands I used the splitscreen trick to level up another account, but this was under a different gamertag, so not that helpful if you want the other character achievements. Is it possible to have two controllers/characters playing under the same account so I can level up my own characters? I never got that working in the original. Thanks.
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