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  1. Coop is only possible from the Resistance Mode on the main menu. The main story line is single player only.
  2. i5 2400, 8GB RAM, and a GTX 760 can run this quite efficiently at 1080p. Just be sure to have the latest video drivers.
  3. Any confirmation if the Windows 10 version will have achievements? The description on the game's description states so but no posts on this site as yet to confirm?
  4. On the fourth victory attempt after loosing three times it eventually moved forward. Quite annoying seeing the bloody final battle is not an easy feat.
  5. Has anybody else had an issue on the last battle where upon victory the game keeps staying stuck on the loading screen? Had this three times now and utterly frustrated as it is really not easy to win on the last battle. The loading screen icon is animated and if I press the MENU button on the Xbox controller I can hear the menu sounds. Had no issues thus far with this great fun game but this last " stuck on victory" issue is quickly eroding the shine on the game for me.
  6. I completed a TH on Normal with a squad of randoms on the HOUSE level. It was pretty straight forward and our aggressive stance allowed us to clear the level of 22 odd terrorists under 2 minutes.
  7. Agreed, the desolate barren land has some sweet picturesque backdrops of note thanks to the day/night time cycle. The built in photo-mode is going to be used quite extensively in my opinion.
  8. Have the same issue even if I max out the engineer voice and reduce other effects. Could be kinect related but it is futile to hear any instructions and as you mentioned subtitles are a no-no!
  9. Thanks, showed up once I completed the tracks on Normal.
  10. Silly question but is the Hardcore selection for tracks only available once you complete all tracks on Normal?
  11. If you change timezone to the NZ/AUS store will it allow one to download on Xbox One?
  12. Hi, gift for Dragon Ball Xenoverse please? Gamertag: ruslan74


    Thanks. :)

  13. I noticed achievements related to items such as Two Wheels, etc are only applicable to Career mode. Downloaded rides do not add progress to any achievements?
  14. Just got the game - will edit with my level name once I start the game but will download the ones listed here as well. Level name: Ride My Trendy achv popped. I guess same users downloading it 30 times works?
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