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  1. From what I've found the game saves automatically when hit pause. When I turn my Xbox off and load the game up it takes me back to wherever I left, even if I'm just driving around.
  2. I have a love / hate relationship with Drivatar. I love that it makes the career mode more challenging, but I have 2 excellent Forza racers on my friends list and I can never beat them. It isn't even that they are faster than I am, they are just cleaner racers. I don't have any evidence, but the Drivatar's seem to be better racers if the owner is cleaner. Being behind them constantly, their Drivatar's are very neat, they follow the lines and take every corner & pass correctly. Whereas all the guys I can beat are messy and all over the place. That is my only gripe with the game. I can see why people are hating the money system, but I always work up from the bottom anyway - so that isn't bothering me. I haven't tried online yet, seems like you lads are having problems there.
  3. Howdy Milky.


    Just letting you know your guide for AFL Live went up on X360A. Good work.


    ~Live Long and Prosper~

  4. Lets all chip in and do an achievement guide together! I've noticed heaps of people ask for achievement help across many threads on here, so lets just create an achievement guide thread and everybody can chip in responses and strategies for completing them. I'll set this up properly over the week, just like any other achievement guide thread, but if you have any strategies for completing the achievements now... comment it below and I'll add it in as I go, giving you full credit as well. I won't be able to do this myself... so please please please help out
  5. One of the other threads on here says that higher turnover counts and getting fouled out can also have you dropped to the bench.
  6. Did you have a bad game? I'm usually a starter, but if I have a bad game (usually if I don't get a double-double) I get dropped down to the bench... and I stay there until I have a super game. I'm at the Bucks though, so I do have competition from Jennings for starting PG.
  7. After reading this thread I decided to focus on a few key areas to improve my points. It is working a treat. I'm only boosting mid-range shooting, passing and defensive rebounds. Still not a starter after 24 games, but off the bench I'm getting 15+ pts, 20+ assists and 5-10 rebounds.
  8. 14 to the Bucks. 18 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds and a steal.
  9. Yeah I spent an hour playing around with it also. I sold the cards and bought new ones and they all worked fine! Strangest thing, but at least it seems ok now
  10. Thanks for replying guys. It isn't any of these... I don't have the players already, my consumables is only at 40 of 60, my roster is at 28 of 30. Kind of annoying, but not that big of a deal. Most of the players I'm buying still work, it just seems to be the ones I really want.
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