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  1. If anybody is interested in getting the "Sounds of Animals Fighting" achievement, I have the Don Juan horse mask. Message me on Xbox @ Br1ghtShadow. I realize it might take a while to get a group together, so feel free to message me whenever.
  2. In between Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts III, Square Enix has released five Kingdom Hearts games (Coded, 358/2 Days, Birth by Sleep, Dream Drop Distance, and Kingdom Hearts 1.5). Albeit that they may have not been on the console(s) we had wanted them to be on, I don't think it's a fair assumption to say they've been sitting on their asses. Realistically, we're the ones sitting on our asses, playing their games. ...and no, Pixar has not always been a Disney company. Disney ran Pixar's distribution pre-purchase, which is the reason why the logo was on every movie. In 2006, instead of renewing the distribution deal, Disney purchased the company. There's a pretty big difference, I'd say. But hey, it was eight years since Kingdom Hearts II, so you did get one thing right in your post. Good job, pal.
  3. Beforehand, please no spoilers! This game is one of the best on the PS2, so be respectful to those who haven't had the chance yet! Personally, more than anything, I want a Wreck-it Ralph world. I feel like he is perfect fit for the game as a companion and his universe would be incredible to explore. The online problem here would be the licensing. I also think the Death Star could fit flawlessly into the system of worlds. If they use the same style from the Pirates of the Caribbean world, they would be fine. Mostly, I really just want to see a lightsaber key-blade. With Pixar being bought recently, I want to see a Toy Story, Wall-E, and Monsters Inc. world. I honestly don't see any others being possible. In the same stride, I don't want a Marvel Universe world. I feel like it wouldn't flow into the KH mythos. But Disney has proven me wrong with worlds before.
  4. I actually think Kingdom Hearts could get away with Star Wars if they make it like the Pirates of the Caribbean world, however, I don't see the Marvel universe in KH. I guess I am biased because I'm a huge DC fanboy, but hopefully they won't put it in. There are already enough Disney classics that need to be in, the Pixar movies included, so hopefully they let them get their time to shine. I personally would love it if they put Wreck-it Ralph in the game. I feel it works perfectly and it is my favorite Disney movie.
  5. Looking for somebody to boost multiplayer badges with. If interested, message me on Live - Br1ghtShadow.
  6. I was very skeptical when it was even rumored he would be in as DLC, but I have to say, I like the new design. I'll give him a go. I still would rather have a badass DC character, but nonetheless we still get a badass, so I'm satisfied.
  7. Not sure if it helps anybody else, but I kept screwing up on the teleports. I would input the same function by accident due to not adjusting to the side swap. Other than that, I got it in a run and a sixth. Great guide!
  8. After two hours... I got it. Thanks a lot! I'll be using this for the main guide! Suprisingly, I had to swap to a normal controller. My fighting stick would not cooperate for some reason.
  9. Well, I took a break from writing mission guides to do Grundy's mission #192... FUCK COMBO GRABS. I cannot do them! Not only that, but do it with a flawless victory? Can anybody help? I've YouTubed videos on how to do it, but it doesn't help at all.
  10. Thank you! I definitely will! I'm about to do a massive update. I'm done with finals, so I should be good now. On other news, anybody know a ten-hit Grundy combo? I can't seem to pull of the grab chains.
  11. I'm still working on trying to get an extra post in this thread! I'm still alive, I promise!
  12. A friend and I played about ten games with him. He seemed unresponsive for both of us. Does he feel this way for anybody else?
  13. Through my experience, I feel like they're getting easier as I go on. In a day, I can do about 20 or 30 missions with all stars. I guess it just depends on the characters, honestly. Bane's missions (my main character) took me thirty minutes to three-star.
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