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  1. Looking at hitman's website, you need to uninstall the base game then reinstall. Such fun...
  2. Mine too, since the update yesterday. Very annoying. Have you got around it yet?
  3. I'm online now if your up for doing the far cry 4 achievement?

  4. Typical! The 55 has sorted itself out to show 60, but still shows only 59 unlocked. I've deleted and re-downloaded my profile but it's still buggered. I play a waiting game for a few days and see what happens.
  5. Same issue here. Mine says 59 out 55??? Should read 60 out of 60?
  6. Thanks for the reply, the achievement description wasn't too clear. you're right on the 400g. I though all arcade games were 400 now? Guess its developer choice or something. thanks again.
  7. Hi guys, A couple of achievements mention multiplayer with this game. Does anyone know if they can be won with just local 2 player co op? Cheers.
  8. Hi, i'm having a lot of logging in problems at the moment and i don't know why. Even when i can finally log in, i click on my checklist and it takes me to a blank page with the message "You need to log in or register to use My360Achievements". When I click on my profile i get another blank page with "Invalid user ID specified".


    i've changed my password and still no joy. before i had problems another users gamertag was in place of my own. i don't know if it was hacked or the fact that the gamertag site has closed.


    please help, you are my only hope....i've got gamerscore to add!


    many thanks.

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