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  1. Looking for some higher level modded weapons maybe an SMG , have pistol, combat rifle and shotgun just add me ceg dimond cs
  2. I am at the end where i'm supposed to "save" the guy, and the monster is just sitting there doing nothing? Edit: Found him hiding at the bottom of his house and just killed him, it failed the quest and made the next available , I have the save in case I need to go back.
  3. there is 2 places to make sure you have, the first is right behind the gate you came in on, the other is on the south east of the map that kinda goes down into a ditch agenst the mountain\wall, next to the big cactuar rock
  4. She says academia 400 AF, but map says 100% complete... any idea?
  5. how rare are the weps \ drop, got 0 items from both of them
  6. indrajit gandiva romulus remus grasitha phoenix blood anyone know where to get these?
  7. out of alllllllllllllll these items, which are sell-able ,without regretting it later because you need them for something.
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