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  1. Has there been any work about a patch or update to fix the 100% completion achievement? Dont really wanna play through getting the last few if I cant complete it
  2. Well at least they are aware of it and have started to work on the issue, I might start season 2 tonight hopefully by the time iv finished all the other achievements we will know more about this smartglass business
  3. Quick question..... I searched, but coulnt really find a definitive answer anywhere else. I live in Australia, thus I have a pal rehagion 4 console, I have found myself an ntsc console I wish to buy for some games that are restricted to the nts region, the problem is that it does not come with the power supply cable/brick. Do the American consoles have the same connection on the back as the Australian consoles?? It would be pretty handy if I could just buy it and use the power cord from my current xbox rather than hunt one down is all. Any help will be appreciated thanks
  4. Yeah, Sorry, when you download your account it is downloading it from the last time you were signed into xbox live, this happened to me once, nothing else to do but re earn the achievements :/
  5. ALF 133

    NBA Today

    Hey, just a reminder to all that the nba today achievement is now obtainable also 1 minute quarters does not effect this from unlocking
  6. hahah Lucky for me my girlfriend bought me a life size 6.5 foot tall Jason Voohrees Figure... It is mechanical so I was able to stand behind it and do the actions with his arms then jump out from behind and finish off the combination's
  7. ALF 133


    Hey all, I was just wondering what qualifies me to appear on the leaderboards on this site when viewing different games?? Example, I have all 1250G on NBA 2K12 which should sit me in the top 5 on the board for for that game but im not showing up???
  8. There updating this mode less and less so the sooner you get it the better :\
  9. No chance they will release the new dlc for L4d 1&2???
  10. You able to buy online?? eBay??? Should be super cheap on there
  11. Smart, I bet he's one of those kids thats life would end if his cod leader board rank dropped, thats why he be so frantic trying to get it back
  12. The M/P achievements in chapter 10 is maing me not want to buy this :/
  13. So.... The estimated time of release for Naughty bear 2 Panic in Paradise is set for the 3rd quarter of 2012, basically any time in the next 3-4 months, I was also surprised to read also that there will be a completely new combat system, brand new leveling up system, equipment customization with thousands of combinations, and over 30 mission set across 11 distinct areas of Paradise Island
  14. YES! I wouldn't mind a re-make but a new manhunt game made for the 360 would be amazing news
  15. ALF 133

    Preorder Bonus

    Hahaha All I took fro the first post was, "Who is a better dunker? Jordan or Griffin?" Hmmmm :/
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