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  1. Just quit to menu if you are ready to stop. It will tell you when your last auto save was so you know if you need to keep playing or not.
  2. I had 34 "non target casualty" on hard by the end of this mission
  3. Yeah after playing through a couple of missions I really miss the quick save from BM! It's like people said. I know one quick example was in the prologue where you knock out the chief and take his disguise. He is rambling on and on about stuff before the guard goes away and you can knock him out. So then if you mess up you have to sit there listening to the same speech all over again instead of being able to quick save right after the guard walks away.
  4. Hey So is there no way to make a save whenever I want? I decided to play on hard and it says "player checkpoints are allowed" same as on normal. Is this only talking about the built in game checkpoints or what? If there is no quick save in this game that is gonna be reaaaaaly frustrating!
  5. Game is completely broken. always get kicked from coop games the second the game loads up. then i sit and wait 5 min for matchmaking only to have it drop again the next time. this is stupid.
  6. I need to beat both raid bosses! these guys are impossible! GT: TheSauc3 50 commando.
  7. This may seem obvious but i actually missed it for longer than i'd like to admit. You are not forced to do the story missions right away, just go to mission control and then scroll down to keep scanning for activity. I did that and had full satellite coverage and load outs before i even assaulted the base.
  8. Pretty much the topic. now on all my reduces or increases max hp shields it does not tell me how much it does. Has this happened to anyone else? I actually saw in that patch notes that they fixed this for pc in the patch but somehow gave xbox the problem in the process??
  9. How in the world could they make a game like this and not include this?!??! That is horrible! :mad:
  10. Has this happened to anyone? I had just drove the armored truck to the mechanic and talked to him about adding armor to it then it popped up saying there was someone near me so I joined and the second it connected there was a cut scene showing the car all armored up and i was talking to some girl who can hold items for me? Shortly after that the other guy left the game so i reloaded my checkpoint and now looking at my main quest missions It basically auto completed "misery wagon" and "only the strong survive" I am now on the mission "on the road" and have to "travel outside the resort to find food medicine and weapons" This game really needs multiple saves because now I have no idea wtf is going on and i missed out on those missions / exp / rewards.. any body else have weird things like this happen? Anybody care to fill me in on wtf happened in those two missions? This is dumb.
  11. Yeah single playthru... I just replayed from 6-1(my earliest save) on to day 6 at the bar and he still dies.. I know for a fact I had talked to him everytime but maybe i talked to him once and didn't save when I thought I did? ughh either way, stupid not worth playing thru all the way again for just 60 points. :uzi:
  12. Hey guys so I am confused I have been following the wiki exactly on every landing and bar and as far as i know I have not missed anything. however on the 6th day at the bar on the news it says that morgan(the police officer) has died. I have saves from 6-1,6-2and 6-3 and he is there in everyone(and I had talked to him on those) What i'm trying to figure out is if i had missed an earlier conversation would he have died earlier? or does he always make it to day 6 regardless? It makes no sense because i remember talking to him everytime!
  13. What does this stand for? it says incomplete next to it? does it mean you have to buy all the equipment in a level? I usually skip a lot because its stats are always - then what i currently have so why buy them?
  14. http://www.destructoid.com/pr-firm-threatens-reviewers-over-duke-nukem-forever-203891.phtml just as an update... the PR firm has been fired by 2k. and they sent out apology's to any review sites!
  15. I am going for the kill everything with the maul achievement and i have a buncha random saves.. anyone know what missions you have to fight one on? preferably with the name of the mission so i can easily load it up. EDIT: nevermind.. found one http://vgfaq.com/index.php?title=Red_Faction:_Armageddon_Game_Guide:_Last_Chance,_Reversal_of_Fortune_and_Genesis_Walkthrough#Red_Faction:_Armageddon_Game_Guide_.E2.80.93_Mission_21:_Last_Chance_Walkthrough
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