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  1. If anyone needs one more (hopefully useful) player for any extinction achievements, send me a message/FR. GT: GORQITO
  2. Looking for any/all online achievements, willing to help out in return , just message me on Xbox regarding FIFA Street achievements GT: GORQITO
  3. Looking for "keep your friends close..." (rivals achievement) and "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" achievements, message me on xbox if you can help out GT: GORQITO
  4. I need any/all MP achievments, message me regarding singularity and I will try to be there. GT : GORQITO
  5. I just need the achievement for winning a Jam Session race in Shibuya, willing to trade that achoevement with someone. Please message me regarding the achievement GT: GORQITO
  6. Quick question, to get all of the veteran achievments, do you have to beat the strikeforce missions too? Thanks.
  7. I don't know why, but for some reason I'm having trouble unlocking "Spectre Spending" (Earn a total of 1,500 SSX Credits from ghost wins) and "I Don't Believe in Ghosts" (Your records have withstood 1 challenge from your Friends). I swear I have met these requirements but I unlock nothing. Am I missing something?
  8. Feel free to add me if you need another ghost, just say it's for SSX.
  9. Looking to get any/all MP achievements, hit me with a message over xbox live if you're interested. I'm in western Canada.
  10. Thanks I doubt it is the quickest 200, but no doubt one of the easiest 200's on arcade. Still a super fun game though.
  11. Question: for the karaoke achievement do you need a rock band mic or will any microphone do the trick
  12. Also looking for Players for talking about team practice. Looking to do it ASAP. Message me over xbox live in regards to this achievement.
  13. I prefer coke, but still like drinking Pepsi, especially Pepsi Lime .
  14. Just tried the demo out and the game is pretty fun, especially Shift mechanic. During the race where you have to be 1st and 2nd I enjoyed using the shift mechanic to drive oncoming cars into my opponents to wreck them Still will wait for MP demo to see how that plays before deciding on picking it up sooner rather than later.
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