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    Drunkin irishman who is good at fifa
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    Dublin, Ireland
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    Eating,Football,Xbox and watching Ireland win the world cup
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    Proffesional bodybuilder :)

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  1. dell


    Thanks for the reply. I rang customer support and after been on the phone to India for an hour they just told me to try reset it again but it's blocked now ha. Think I'm fucked
  2. dell


    Sorry don't know where to post this. Basically when I first started my xbox live account was 3 years ago. My friend set it up for me but he has passed away. I don't know the password associated with that account so I could never go on to xbox.com or anything like that. My xbox was dying on me so I had to buy a new one but I was worried because I couldn't recover my gamertag as I didn't know the password, but a guy at game said if I buy a transfer cable I could transfer everything to the new xbox, including my gamertag without worrying about the password. So i bought a new xbox and the transfer lead came home transferred everything over, 2 hours later its finshed I go to sign in, it asks for my password, I was sick I put everything back on my old xbox same thing again. I have tried months before this to reset my password so much that its blocked now. I don't what to do as I just bough a 12 month subscription and 1,000 ms points. Don't know if anything can be done but any help will be great thanks
  3. It's a fucking joke, fifa is such a good game but ea are wankers. I was playing 2 online games winning both then the servers go and I get 2 losses ha
  4. dell


    Is it not called Megged?
  5. hahaha that made me laugh...mine is just my nickname dell and me last name wilde, stick them together and there ya go
  6. dell

    Player Ratings

    Just my opinion, don't be a fag and just say who you think should be rated better!
  7. its nice man i like the white, reminds me of the fast and furious ha
  8. how did it feel to get wooped by ireland?

  9. http://img233.imageshack.us/img233/5814/user325002pic1235013034.jpg Uploaded with ImageShack.us http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/4569/user325002pic1235313034.jpg Uploaded with ImageShack.us Subaru Legacy STI
  10. dell

    Player Ratings

    What player ratings would you like to see in fifa 12. I think Javier Hernandez should be high 80's and Fernando Torres should definitely drop a few ha and Charlie Adam up a good bit What do you think?
  11. ye its true i lose when you have lag haha

  12. U lose wen i have lag so obviously u need my class hahahahaha

  13. about as long as it takes you to score in fifa...a few hours!

  14. Henry is god :) I wonder how long will it take for you to realise i wrote this

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