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  1. Hey there. My new guild The BEARDS of JESUS are looking for new active members. New players are welcome Send your invite code to my gamertag Jaffa Cake King if interested. Thanks.
  2. So excited for the Scorpio!
  3. I think there will be a big overlap between this generation and the next, at least a couple of years if not more.
  4. There is no PAL version and i've tried playing it on both my PAL and my NTSC-J console, it doesn't work on either. Quite annoying as Nascar 2011 worked on my Japanese console but this doesn't. The PS3 version is region free. Bah!!!
  5. Has anyone figured out how to turn the instant replay off? I've toggled the instant replay option in the menu and it makes no difference what so ever. It is quite possibly the most irritating thing in a game EVER!! Slightly scrape a barrier, replay comes on, slightly touch another car, replay comes on, slide round a corner, replay comes on etc etc. It's such a game killer.
  6. Anyone still wanting to boost the online achievements send me a msg, my gamertag is Jaffa Cake King.
  7. My Japanese console and GOW2 arrived today. I'll be looking for players at some point for horde etc if anyone's still out there?
  8. Does anyone know if the Japanese version of GOW2 plays on an Asian console or just on a Japanese one? I know they are both are NTSC-J but i read somewhere that not all Japanese games will play on a Asian console. I've noticed that Asian ones are slightly cheaper to buy.
  9. Thanks for the info i may have to take the plunge now!
  10. I'm seriously toying with the idea. I need to deffinitely know if a Japanese Xbox will work with the UK Xbox power supply and that the Japanese version of Gears 2 has all of the DLC on the disc or whether it's a code to download it. If it's a code i won't be able to DL it because i'm in the UK.
  11. Don't think they do mate. I'm sure i read somewhere that Japan is on 22xp for the forseeable future. Not 100% sure though.
  12. Can anyone confirm if the DLC maps are actually on the disc or do you get a code to download them?
  13. Ahhh i see, so it steps the voltage down itself. That makes me feel much better, thanks for the help.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I may be showing my general lack knowledge on the subject of voltage and electricity but how does a 230V PSU manage to power a 110V Xbox safely? Is the voltage not too high? Am i making myself sound like a right idiot? I don't really know what i'm talking about, not understanding it clearly in my head is what's stopping me from buying one.
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