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  1. im on the mission where u first leave virtual reality and cant figure out what to do ive walked for ages and nothings happened in a video on web as soon as first door opens a alien attacks but this isnt happening on my game any advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. achievements not popping when they should had to re do deckers end mission and the genki one dint pop for me either so annoying >_>
  3. agreed fun over cheevs any day (a lesson i learnt not so long ago)
  4. i wouldnt no cos i still havent received my pre order copy >_> dam you zavvi
  5. what a great idea hope my copy turns up soon
  6. yeh thats what i like with saints how it goes over the top and is actually fun
  7. i like the game but find it to be more of a concept than a game as its very very linear and all that you do is cover shoot kill adrenaline bend bullet kill bend bullet kill pop out kill more adrenaline explosive bullet repeat still good fun
  8. i clicked yes but only cos i dont have a save on this xbox my old one died
  9. i must say even though i am buying this game new i think that having to have a pass to play offline is complete bs as a poster above said whats next needing a code to boot the bloody thing up good game thq you should hang your head in shame
  10. its free on pc i think lol
  11. i like thise idea i just had a thought maybe the protheans influenced human evolution to defeat the reapers and knwoing that they would find another way other than the citadel chose to seal the only mass realy to our planet off by casing it in ice and then if the reapers did come they would wipe all known life out yet humans would be left beacause they dint no we were here
  12. this thread is great gave me a good chuckle on my dinner lol i nenevr noticed any dip in the frame rate on the mentioned scene seemed as good as the rest to me
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