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  1. I play challenges every day so feel free to add me and we can get this thing done together. Gamertag: Divine Horror
  2. Hey guys, I just finished getting all 700 Teensies and pretty much everything aside from the 1,000,000 lums and final level of awesomeness achievements. I found a level to grind out about 700 lums every minute and a half almost and with challenges shouldn't take too long to make around 500,000 lums in my opinion. What I am curious about is does anyone know how you get cup points after you are done getting all the diamond cups? I have played the same stage about 10 times and gotten gold every time and when I check the online server my point total has not increased at all. Does anyone know if you need to be getting fresh gold, silver, bronze, diamond cups (i.e. Challenges) once you have all the other ones? That would be brutal if true. Let me know if you know!
  3. Yeah it was a huge pain! I just got my gold cup achievement last night for the daily challenges which to me seems like the most difficult for those who aren't that great at platforming. I'm just into the third world and I agree the invasions so far haven't been nearly as bad. It's almost like they give you a buffer on time of about 15-20 seconds whereas some of the later stages in Origins you had to be nearly flawless to get the gold time medals.
  4. Hey guys, I'm currently sitting at gold cup position in the daily extreme challenge with 2 hours remaining. Does anyone know if you actually need to be online at the time the daily challenge ends for the achievement to pop? Or if I finish the day at gold and turn on my xbox tomorrow night will it unlock then? The Daily challenge ends at like 2:30 am my time which I think is a bit ridiculous if we do have to be online at the time for it to count. If anyone knows the answer to this please let me know!
  5. The invasion levels are basically a replacement for the time trials in Origins. I don't know about you but having a few invasion levels vs doing every single stage in time trial for gold is much easier in my opinion . This is coming from someone who got 1000/1000 in Origins.
  6. Thanks! That's some crazy luck you must have had but good job! Yeah after getting super victory a few times and not getting anything I was like.... there has to be a better way haha.
  7. Congrats to both of you! Just waiting for my chocobo achievement to pop and then I'll join you lol.
  8. You only need to hold down LS to make him run in a circle so I just set my phone on the joystick pressed in the right direction and now i'm cooking dinner haha.
  9. great thanks! time to hold buttons down for ten minutes haha.
  10. Hey all, I've been reading these forums over the past few days at people getting frustrated with the slots and so forth so I thought i'd give my two cents seeing as I have all the fragments and the 10,000 coin achievement already. The lucky coin fragment you get for getting 7,777 coins is cumulative and can be done in more than one sitting. I turned my console off in between and all you have to do is earn it over your lifetime of playing so it's just patience that is required, not luck as everyone can earn 7,777 eventually, some just quicker than others. Now the achievement in question requires you to earn 10,000 casino coins above whatever you have purchased. So if you purchase 10,000 coins as I did you need to earn up to the 20,000 mark. The easiest way to earn 10,000 coins is to get a maxed out silver chocobo and only do 600M sprint races that give 320 Casino coins per win. A full 600 RP will net you over 10,000 coins in under an hour as I just did this myself and it was painless. I think I lost one race in total? Anyways, in my opinion having both the aforementioned completed, my way is the least stressful but to everyone out there still trying, good luck!
  11. The ghoul is the very first monster you fight in Academia 400F but if you venture too far into the stage you can't fight ghouls anymore. All the monsters will transform into taxims, etc. until you get the gate seal and seal the stage. Hope this helps.
  12. Does anyone know if you can do this with the "Clock Master" fragment skill active? If so it will go substantially faster as that chocobo goes crazy fast. This is the only achievement I have left to get so I am just curious. Thanks!
  13. Yeah once you get in a groove it starts to come real quick and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck!
  14. Glad someone answered this question for ya man but I was just thinking... the first thing you see when you pick a profile is how many Red crystals (teeth) out of 10 you have haha. Just pointing it out but glad you got your answer Look forward to your guide
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