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    Its very uninformative as to what you have to do to rack up points yet another con for this game unfortunately. I just wish this game was made by someone else other than ubisoft it might of actually felt like playing a finished game instead of an early release type of game like on steam.
  2. After reading many comments like yours im glad i've not played it yet because id probably be hating it. I have very little patience with games especially ones that are from ubisoft and buggy as shit. I've installed it and i think im gonna leave it at that until its sorted. My mate is getting it for christmas off his mrs so i'll probably leave it till then. I think the entire gaming community is getting tired of ubisofts lazy attempts at games.
  3. Well Done Stallion, Thats an insane milestone. Id be happy to even have 100K. Your next goal should be the highest on Xbox One as well seen as all those people were bitching about it on facebook last night. Would of watched the livestream but im in the uk so by the time you started streaming it was already almost midnight and id been up since 7am lol.
  4. I have quite a few games that are 1 or 2 achievements off and a fair few that are missing 3 or 4.
  5. I never saw one for £300 I think that's a bit exaggerated I did see the between £100-150 for new sealed copies. You'd be pissed if you bought one at that price wouldn't you. They've also been re released as retail titles as well shopto are selling them.
  6. I think its a network driver issue as i've got a 80mbit fibre optic connection and when im playing game online for example forza 5 it comes up with a message on screen every few seconds saying something like poor quality internet connection. Even though its not as its fine with my pc and 360.
  7. If its not been patched today with the latest update, just pick the E21 have the AI in the same car but turn traction control/stm off and you'll beat the AI by 1-2 seconds everytime. Thats what i did.
  8. Nice, you must of hammered that game, maybe abit too much because they've just brought out that TU that reduces all the 2000 matches to 200 matches for each of the fighters.
  9. Hmmm strange i was getting the reverse camera view bug when i still had the game and i found disconnected the kinect solved the problem.
  10. I think its a cop out when they say the if you look back to 2006 the 360 was a shadow of what it is today with loads of great features, so the xbox one have have the same progression, the annoying thing is why didn't they build the new os to accomodate all those great features from 360 into the one from day one not just add them a few months later and pretend its new content.
  11. I didn't realise you needed at least one clean lap to get xp, i did a 50 lap oval race took me an hour i had boosted xp on as well, just messed about practicing drifting so needless to say i was either hitting the grass or the wall on every lap finished it no credit or xp and i had wasted an hour of boosted xp, came here read this did it again with the E21 mostly clean laps leveled up 11 went from being level 54 to 64 and got 480,000CR with my last hour of boosted xp.
  12. I've got lococycle its such a bad game easy for gamerscore but in terms of a quality game its a 3/10 at best.
  13. Thanks OP for the glitch info, just got it after about 30 mins of doing the heats . I usually hate doing multiplayer online achievements so id consigned to the fact i wasn't getting these achievements so im glad i saw this post.
  14. I don't own bf4 but i did own nfs rivals and that dashboarded alot and surprise surprise was an EA title and from what i could gather from an artical i read Dice said to EA that it wasn't near to being finished and they needed at least another 2 months on the game.
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