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  1. I'm trying to do the 'kick a field goal' submission for Bo Peep but the cheerleader character who I am supposed to start the mission with has not been in the suburbs the ever since I built the school. The other two are always wandering around but she is not. Any suggestions as to how I fix this and whether it's happened to anyone else? Thanks
  2. I have been searching for hours through every street trying to find the underground station for Lud's Holm in Act 2, and can't find it anywhere. I have uncovered all of the map, I've found both of the other two hatches (Luds Holm 2 and Eel Pie Hatch 2) and every other hatch in my list is uncovered. Any suggestions? I can only assume it is meant to be on the main island somewhere but having scoured every street and all areas inbetween the streets I am at a loss. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Great guide, thanks mate. The only point I would make is that I did not realise until already quite a way through the Arthur playthrough that there is an achievement for not killing anyone, meaning I'll need to do another quick playthrough. I would advise you add this as a comment at the top of the guide so other people don't make the same mistake.
  4. Hi everyone, I have just opened my 'day one edition' of the game and it appears that they have accidentally given me two codes for the extra content (they were stuck together). If anybody has just got the game and would like the code just let me know and I will send to you directly. Thanks!
  5. There was a delay with mine, I fast travelled to somewhere and it unlocked though, so maybe you just need to be patient?
  6. Yep, I did the same thing. Go to a grizzly location as indicated on the map, throw bait by the tent and grizzly will show. However, when I tried to repeat a second time at the same location I would get nothing but black bears, so I think you may need to fast travel away and then fast travel back for consistent results.
  7. Just as an update, I didn't re-attempt any of the trials, and have just checked my achievements and it appears to have now unlocked, so must have just had an unusual delay.
  8. I have completed all of the trials with gold ratings, and I have even unlocked the achievement for unlocking all of the achievements, yet Golden furniture appears to be locked still? Any suggestions?
  9. Stuck with Mickey's Soundsational Parade. I've completed it multiple times but still stuck on 9/10 secrets. I unlocked the Ariel float before I even attempted this, so my first run through was with her.. I've waved at the crowd at the start, I've nailed the conducting of the band and I've done all flourishes on every float.. What am I missing here? EDIT: Never mind - got it after redoing the peter pan float.
  10. Picked this up through Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One. Need someone to play 3 hours co-op with me. Happy to help you get collectibles etc if needed, or happy to just let it sit for 3 hours until achievement pops. Gamertag: I Moosejoose I Thanks!
  11. Just picking this up on Xbox Game Pass as I loved the original and wanted to have another laid back playthrough. Same as the guys above, if anyone has any modded weapons they could send my way that would be amazing! Thanks Gamertag: I Moosejoose I
  12. I'm at the end of chapter 2 and I've run back towards the bird about 10 times now and the achievement hasn't popped... Anyone else run into this problem and manage to find a solution? EDIT: Just in case anyone else has this problem, I quit out of the game completely and reloaded it. You start back half way down the tower, climb back up and do it and it should hopefully pop.
  13. Hi all, I just wanted to flag to anyone who has picked this up with the intention of getting all the achievements (Which if you're reading this means you probably are!). The game appears to be very buggy when it comes to unlocking achievements, and having researched it a bit and tested it I've found that the safest way to ensure achievements unlock is to always save and quit when you finish playing, then when you want to start up again, 'quit' the game from the dashboard and re-launch it. If you just turn off the Xbox without saving and quitting and return to the game, I believe you get disconnected from the EA servers and I think this is what blocks achievements from unlocking. I currently have a few which I have met the requirements for but have not unlocked and I believe this was the reason.. I have read elsewhere that if, like me, you do have some achievements that haven't unlocked, but starting up an 8 person household and unlocking that achievement, this unlocks all the others that are blocked as well. I am not if you can do this more than once however so I am leaving that until last just in case. I hope this helps some of you who find yourselves getting as frustrated as I did when I first started playing! If anyone has any other tips regarding unbugging achievements please post here as well.
  14. Looking to boost the riot map achievement and also get the double map flip achievement. Please only message me if you're good and have read up the strategy on Trueachievements for getting the achievement on Terrace. Gamertag: I MooseJoose I
  15. Looking to very quickly boost the two online achievements. Gamertag: i MooseJoose i EDIT: No longer required!
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