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  1. Some thoughts on the Recon DLC pack: The three deathmatch maps are pretty consistent with what's in the main game. Good atmosphere, decent use of lighting, connects and flows well enough as a DM map should. There's a small one taking place in space, and two medium sized ones in a Hadley-a-like complex with an outdoor courtyard, and a WY research facility with rooms dedicated to various stages in the Alien lifecycle. Personally, I thought deathmatch was the weakest part of multiplayer. Good for leveling, but nothing special. If you enjoyed it, none of these three feel particularly broken and it's more of the same. No large, open maps, but the base game had that pretty covered. The new Survivor map is what I looked forward to most, and it's a much different design from the other two. Everything about it is open and accessible to the Aliens. Hacking consoles opens up gear cabinets instead of narrowing access and creating chokepoints. If you, as an Alien, hated how Marines could set up a camp spot that was tough to break, this map's for you. In my eyes, creating strong camps was the entire point of this mode, making this map pointless. One new head for each alien. Some camo patterns for marines. Some bright neon skins for each alien type. Standard heads - nothing like the spike collar. I forgot to check the new fatalities, but one per alien type. My overall advice, save your money and hope there's some excellent Survivor/Escape maps in the next one.
  2. Agree that the AI is improved. I've noticed Aliens will actually force doors open (with a custom animation) instead of simply having them pop open when they get close. My biggest complaint - and a warning to anyone who might buy - is that the challenge gets stupid in the later waves. Progressive waves introduce Aliens who are not smarter or tougher, but take far more rounds to kill. By about wave 28 (with 4 out of 5 suppressors active) regular soldier Aliens took a whole clip (60 round version) of pulse rifle ammo to drop. Wave 29, they took a full clip and more. I would have preferred having to fight larger numbers of slightly tougher Aliens than having to unload on a bunch of absurdly hardy ones. Also, big props for the Tribute map. It's a pretty spectacular replication of the movie's colony (pre-explosion) with all the locations (damaged hallways, rainy outside, medlab, operations) you'd expect. They did an excellent job with it.
  3. Gearbox is doing what they can to make this right, which I respect. I'm not sure about Sega's commitment though. They left Aliens vs Predator 2010 unpatched, remember. Sales weren't to their liking, so after the second map pack, they left it to die. Also wouldn't expect a true graphics update on the console. That PC patch was 4 GB with new textures. Most I'd expect for the 360 are some lighting tweaks.
  4. Course if they board the ship and capture Hicks, why wouldn't they grab Newt and Ripley too? Why wouldn't they download all the research Bishop did and have their answers faster and easier than torturing Hicks? There's really no good way to spin it to make sense. Just have to "suspend disbelief"
  5. I'm actually more bothered that chestbursters are popping right through body armor designed to stop bullets. Saves them having to make a new character model, I guess.
  6. Got mine in Battle for Sephora with the Battle Rifle. You're looking for any level or section with W-Y mercs. They'll hide behind cover and pop up like Whack-a-Mole, which makes them extremely reliable to hit. Don't shoot when they're crouched (I was missing headshots that should have hit, just wait for them to stand), don't take a shot unless you know you can hit, and it should work fairly easily.
  7. And of course, they set up a sequel that... well, doesn't seem real likely now.
  8. There's what looks like an acid stain near one of them that I guess is supposed to be from the facehugger at the start of Alien 3. The APC on approach to Hadley's also has an acid-looking stain on the door, which would make it the one from Aliens. There's acid scoring on Hicks' shotgun too. Thanks for the tip about the space jockey!
  9. No, and since the season pass promises "campaign DLC" I think some dopey backstory where you play as him is a prime possibility. Fox hasn't seemed to care much about protecting the continuity of the Aliens franchise since they got burned on Alien 3, so I imagine their script approval was along the lines of "Got money? Kay, do whatever then."
  10. In the survivor map where you can lock off (not weld) the doors by the APC garage, how can you open these doors as an alien? I'm not sure you're supposed to, but I've been up against three alien teams now that have been able to crack that back door regularly. I haven't been able to interact with the door panel as an alien - is this a glitch or just something I'm missing?
  11. Just a (hopefully) positive thread to catalogue bits of fan service Gearbox put into the game. Not too far into it yet, but noticed that your AI companions' rifle counters accurately update their rounds remaining, and they do indeed reload when they hit 00. What has anyone else spotted?
  12. Like most of these game show games, I imagine info for this will be scarce. So here's a basic rundown from the copy I bought today: It is essentially identical to the Wii version from 2010, except the Miis are obviously replaced with even more generic characters. The questions are supposed to be new, though it's too early for me to tell. There is no support for Kinect. The Wii version had support for Wii Speak (to shout answers, I suppose) but that is not ported for Kinect. No Kinect at all. There are Easy, Normal and Hard difficulties. Easy gives you 4 multiple choice answers. Normal and Hard require you to type the answer on a virtual keyboard, with an updating auto-complete list to shorten the time. Minigames are played between rounds. So before Double and before Final Jeopardy. These can be disabled. There is no option to play the minigames separate, so if you're grinding those achievements, you'll still have to play through complete episodes. Very basic character customization. Clothes are unlocked as prizes. You cannot sign your name, instead your gamertag is used. Only ten base character options (five guys, five girls), none of which you'd want to associate with yourself. Overall, if you're familiar with the Wii version, that's what you can expect here. Feel free to ask any questions I might have missed.
  13. Heard a lot of bad things about it as well, but the PS3 seems to have the worst of it. People aren't usually saying what console they're playing it on, so it makes it sound like the whole collection is broken. Working well so far and look great. Only complaint I've had thus far is the tremendously fake-looking fog overlay in SH2. It's basically a texture scrolling by the camera. Sadly, I don't think that's a bug.
  14. Does pushing forward on the LS do anything for your speed? I've tried it both ways a few times and honestly can't tell.
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