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  1. eh, im not so sure about that. i dont want to be forced to use a gun i dont like just because it gives higher light. And are you sure about that? i literally can't infuse my exotics into anything other than another exotic. There arent any +5 damage/whatever on anything and i still ant infuse it. ill try getting a screenshot
  2. if it wasnt confirmed before, you do not need 15 exotics in your inventory at once to unlock the achievement
  3. OK here's a real bitch: Imo the new infusion system blows. Can only infuse weapons if it's the same weapon type (auto rifle, sidearm etc). I'm actually stuck with this pulse rifle, (i don't like pulse rifles)because 1. I barely get kinetic weapons but when I do, it's the same blue pulse rifle every time, and 2. I can't infuse it into something that I actually like using because I csn only infuse into another pulse rifle. Oh, and you cant infuse exotics into legendaries, so once again I'm stuck with an exotic that I don't really like the look of over something that I think is cosmetically cool.
  4. The way swords are "sheathed" when you have them equipped at the farm
  5. ever since the patch, i've been crashing randomly during multiplayer missions. needless to say im rage quitting the game for a few
  6. I go between incinerate and throw, from singularity and throw and sometimes incinerate and overload. Hell, even a singularity into shockwave aaaaand another combination: set someone on fire with incinerate, pull then throw
  7. iirc with inquistion, that too was gated to the Hinterlands
  8. well if anything you wouldnt have to redownload it since i would assume its still the entire game
  9. heh well i work the rest of the week, so 10 hours will do its justice for me. Gonna gear up for the week off work im taking for andromeda
  10. I know inquistion had a trial, but i cant remember if it transferred to the full game or not. Do you think Andromeda would have the same thing?
  11. yea i saw that and was like "Wait, what the hell? its over? Just like that?"
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