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  1. Yes... I received the calls and nothing. Well there is nothing I can do right now...I'm close to the end guess I'll get it on my 2-nd run the "Do No Harm" run because I killed one person (that prisoner) ...but it's still a mistery to me why the ach. didn't unlock :/ I have all the ach. below: - I killed January then reloaded the game
  2. This ach. is bugged :/ I have them all in my office but no ach
  3. Just got the update, let's see it things work now: Hah! It's working!
  4. SAME PROBLEM HERE! wtf is going on?! It was working perfect, last night, then now I just got home from work...and nothing :/ crashes after craches and kick back to dashboard Uninstall game X Install Game X Move game from external HDD to Internal HDD X Delete all, synch w/ XBL X ...still the same
  5. Haha! After all these years the screenshots come in handy (just started DR2 on the XO a few days ago)
  6. I just finished the game on Blackest Friday and the ach. didn't pop up. I guess I must finish all the trials also - that's dumb. Because I managed to finish the DLC without any upgrades and that's actually harder than finishing it with all the upgrades... You can do 2 runs. First pick up collectibles then the 2nd run for Blackest Friday but i repeat...you must complete the trials in the same run Later edit: Done.
  7. I just got an update for DR4 let's hope this is fixed Yes! I can confirm that the DLC is now fixed <3 http://i.share.pho.to/a0f88f5a_c.png
  8. It's a good list but still...it's sad to see frank as a zombie it's all over now...
  9. Go it! using the 2nd version of the glitch video. ...finally 1150/1150
  10. Just got it! haha! 3.04GB *P.S. "Geronimo" Multiplayer Trial still bugged
  11. ooooooooooo ...thanks for the answer, now i understand. I did not preorder it :/ i just bought it after it became active on the marketplace (like after 2-3 minutes) I guess I missed out on the bonuses
  12. Hello, I have a problem. I bought Resident Evil 7 Deluxe Edition but It seems that I'm missing content. I don't have the hardest difficulty unlocked (only easy and normal) and I can't seem to find the coin and the other stuff. My inventory is empty. Help?
  13. But my friend got that trial in MP...
  14. You can get this and others by playing MP with a friend My friend got this ach. I was fighting the boss from Episode 2 (you can see me there holding the gold ice sword) and the boss next to me. He took out the camera, took a picture and voila He was also struggling with this ach. so i said to him: "...hei man, let's try something and see if it works..." and it did And Like I said in another topic, I got mine by a photo that shows they are fighting on the same page, lol (in single player) same lcoation as the bosses in MP. ...there you can also get the Feeding Frenzy trial just kill them, hide in a corner, and wait a few minutes for the zombie to get close and eat them i got 4 or 5 in one picture ) not 3 aka SUPER Feeding Frenzy, lol.
  15. LOL! Don't forget about that stereo from the pirate ship ) near the cannons :D:D:D
  16. ...officially stuck at 910/1000 Locked achievements: Thanks CAPCOM.
  17. I just got 100% score but no achievement Great, just great. The last 2 achievements that I need and they are glicthed out. This (Master Journalist) and ofc Workin' Hard (with that stupid Geronimo trial).
  18. I found a good spot in the mall, in kiichiro plaza (right where the boss in mp spawns). I got 2 trials there: Man's Inhumanity to Man & Feeding Frenzy My tactic was simple after I got Man's Inhumanity to Man I said to myself hmmm...let me hide in a store and wait a few minutes to see what happens. And after a few moments zombies started to pile up on the fresh dead bodies and eat them. I snap a photo and that's it i got 4 or 5 eating at once *p.s. In the first photo, of Man's Inhumanity to Man you can see that they are fighting side by side not against, lol.
  19. Here is a funny story I have the same glitch but with the Multiplayer Combo Weapon Blueprints. I just unlock the ach. for them: ...but if I go into statistics it shows that I've got 5/15 Blueprints, wtf Also...as you can see here...Geronimo is the last one I need even thou I got my health to 492 (from 1000). You can say that they had ONE JOB
  20. Long Distance Relationship - Dead Rising 4 Edition stupid bug...
  21. Me and my friend are also stuck on this one. We have like 7 trials left (from the total) and one of them is Geronimo I had 1000HP -> 492 -> Nothing Now I have 1250 and can't get under 650 ...I'm so mad, I have full GS on ALL Dead Rising Titles but I don't think Ill get max GS on this one This is dumb.
  22. ahahahaha I just got Lemmings Trial: [ame] [/ame]
  23. Guys...what are these little skeletons icons? Whan can I do when they apear?
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