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  1. Finding re-main to be as terrible as I did? Glad the bike boys are coming back. I actually took a break after the second season, definitely need to pick that back up.
  2. Congratulations!


    The following guides and roadmaps have been processed and published by the Guide Team staff:


    Echo Generation

    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (W10 / X1)

    Light Fairytale: Episode 2

    Outriders / DLC: New Horizon

    The Ascent

    Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure


    Please post any updates within the Updates or Corrections: Guides & Roadmaps thread. Also, please check the Award Tracking: Guides and Roadmaps forum to make sure we are up to date.

  3. I finished up Act 2 in B4B last week and then Halo came out and we played that this week instead. I'm hoping we don't get tunnel vision and go back to finish it up, because that was good fun. However, Halo is some damn good fun too! I haven't enjoyed a Halo MP since Reach, but this feels like the old days with a few modern amenities. Really nice. On the RPG front, working through the Tiny Tina game slowly as they added a huge grind in it to hit max level, and will do the Outriders title update as well but I need to grind some there as well since I never boosted the challenge rank for Expeditions when I did the base game.
  4. Had a couple good weeks since my last post. I did indeed finish up FF8 on Windows before it leaves Game Pass today. I also went back and wrote a guide for it. I remember when I did the Xbox version someone else was working on it, but they abandoned it. That's up now right here. I also did the second episode of Light Fairytale, which continues to be a cute little RPG series. Not much to each episode, but if you love old-school RPGs with turn-based combat, each one at $8 when they release is a solid buy. Guide for that here. I started Hades intending on going for the completion, then realized TA doesn't have it in RPG... I put in a disagreement, so we'll see what they say. I really enjoyed the first hour too, so I'll definitely play it for fun either way, but want to see where they land before I get too invested. Currently working on the "new" Borderlands game that shadow dropped last week, which is just a standalone version of the Tiny Tina D&D DLC from Borderlands 2. It's unnecessarily grindy, as you have to get to Level 35 and your first playthrough caps at 17, and you need to complete all the skill-related achievements for all six characters, two of which require Level 10 or 15 so there's a bit of grinding. I'll submit that guide today or tomorrow probably.
  5. Hi all, this is just a quick bullet point list of what to do and where to go to ensure you don't miss any achievements in this episode. I didn't make it very detailed, but you can check the Achievement Guide for some more info on the achievements. If you follow along with this though, you should be good to go! -Grab the grenade and kill the wolves with it for "Survivor" -When you are sent to Junk City, return inside the house and speak to Ayaka before leaving Ghost Town (Aunty, Part 1) -Outside Ghost Town, stand in the wind to unlock "Always There for You" -After getting to Junk City, sell Battle Gloves for "Reckless" -Talk to Kid next to the snowman (Kid!, Part 1) -After getting the Fire Orb Fragments, try to sell them for "Scammer" -Return to Ghost Town and sleep in the bed for "Freebie" -Go up the hill in Ghost Town to speak with Ayaka near the flowers (Aunty, Part 2) -Outside Junk City, light the red beacon and head south to light a second. Return to Junk City for more fragments. -Light the three beacons to the north, and defeat the goblins in each alcove. Return to Junk City for more fragments. -Light the final beacons to unlock "And there was light" and fight the Goblin Leader, use the final fragment in battle to unlock "My precious..." -Return to Junk City to find soldiers have appeared, talk to everyone and save your game. -Leave Junk City and stand in the wind to die and unlock "Not always there for you" -Reload your game and head to Ghost Town to save and recruit Ayaka to unlock "Aunty!?" (Aunty, Part 3) -Go back toward Junk City, talk to the girl near the beacon and then the Elder in the city. (Daichi, Part 1) -Head north through the winds to the Ice Lair. -Go into the Sewers first and release Daichi (Goblin Jailer is all the way to the right, closest to the screen). -Read all parts of the note inside Daichi's cell to unlock "Bookworm" (press Up) (Daichi, Part 2) -During the Executioner fight, kill all 12 Goblin Archers before killing the boss to unlock "Goblin genocide" -Return to Junk City and talk to Kid to recruit her and unlock "Kid!" -Leave Junk City for the forest, then immediately backtrack to the section between the City and Ghost Town. Inspect the staff here to unlock "Elder, forever..." (Daichi, Part 3) -Inside the forest, make your way to Area F (you'll see letters on the pole in each intersection). -Head south from F to find the elf village for "ELF Found!" (can save and heal here) -Head back to F and head north to defeat the mech for "YOU, again?" -Head back to F and head east to defeat the snow dragon for "Dragon slayer" -Somewhere along the way here, you should have used your AR goggles enough to unlock "A.R. Junior," reached Level 6 to unlock "I'm REALLY angry," got enough money for "1000+ credits," and done a strong enough attack to unlock "500+ HP damage" - if you don't have any of those, make sure you backtrack now to complete them before proceeding, or keep a separate save file to work from. -Follow the ruins to complete the story and unlock "The encounter" and "All cleared!"
  6. Finished up Scarlet Nexus. That game was much more flash over substance, but it wasn't bad by any means. Glad I got to do it on Game Pass instead of buying it though. Guide is up, ~50 hours, no missables. Finished and started Echo Generation over this past weekend, which was really good. Loved the story, the voxel art was good even though that's not my favorite style, but the combat was a little disappointing - similar to South Park and Super Mario RPG, but the inputs weren't very tight and some moved too quickly. Highly recommended though, also on Game Pass! Guide is up for that as well, ~8-10 hours, lots of missables but there's a walkthrough video by Achievement Land you can follow. This week I've been blasting through The Ascent now that it's finally all patched achievement-wise. I really enjoy the aesthetic of it, though the Gameplay is very generic (just Diablo with guns). I like the whole cyberpunk setting, story and color scheme though, another I'd definitely recommend! Guide is up for that too! This one's ~12-15 hours, no missables. And of course yet another on Game Pass. FF8 is leaving Game Pass on the 15th, so I need to finish up the PC version of that before it goes. I think I left off toward the end of Disc 1, so I've got a decent amount left, but shouldn't have any issues completing it in time.
  7. Congratulations!


    The following guide and roadmap has been processed and published by the Guide Team staff:


    Scarlet Nexus


    Please post any updates within the Updates or Corrections: Guides & Roadmaps thread. Also, please check the Award Tracking: Guides and Roadmaps forum to make sure we are up to date.


    We look forward to your future submissions! Thank you!

  8. Speak of the devil, our stars aligned and we got to play last night! Finished up Act 1 and played about four games of Swarm which was pretty cool. I think they need to design levels like L4D had where there's a clear objective for the survivors rather than just "run around as long as possible" - seems like they could just adapt the actual game levels? Would be much more fun to win the game by getting in the safe room versus just staying alive longer. Just one achievement left in Scarlet Nexus on the solo front, probably about two hours of level grinding before I'll be done. Might start a quicker Game Pass title next like Echo Generation or Cris Tales.
  9. It's really bad. It has almost zero water polo playing, so it's not a sports anime, and the characters are all garbage compared to something like Stars Align that used sports as a backdrop but ended up being a great story on its own. But it's short at least.
  10. I really liked it! My two best friends IRL that I try to game with semi-regularly are not in the best shape to align schedules since two of us have multiple kids and one has terminal brain cancer lol (that isn't funny obviously but we all use humor to cope with it). He also lives in California while the dads live in Michigan so it's tough. We try to get together once a week but failed this week which is why I only played the one time so far. Definitely plan to do more though!
  11. Haha, I'm in the same boat there. I remember going through half the final difficulty and getting to the point where I needed to grind the materials to max out my health, but I just got bored and moved on (especially since this would be the second time completing the game after starting a new Gamertag ) Anyway, right now it seems to be rounding up based on Gamerscore for some reason. I mentioned this to Rx and I think the plan will be to switch Max Clubs to tracking having all achievements rather than all Gamerscore, since there are in fact games that have multiple 0-pointers to where you could have 1000/1000 but be missing some achievements. We'll sort that out in time, but probably lower on the totem pole of fixes right now.
  12. Thought the second half of MHA was pretty boring tbh. Other than that I didn't watch much. Need to catch up on Slime. The water polo show was bad, watched something dumb called Battle Game in 5 Seconds that didn't end up being interesting. Don't plan on much this season either. Komi, Demon Slayer, Blue Period, last season of Baki, and Platinum End. Probably the girls' ice hockey one teppy just posted as well.
  13. Finished up the Xbox One stack for Tales of Arise. Then they go ahead and announce Vesperia is leaving Game Pass in two weeks, so I'm going to finish up the Windows stack of that. I had already done Playthrough 1, just need to spend maybe another hour grinding grade shop points before I do the NG+ speed run and finish the titles/collector book/arena. Then the low level run to kill the first boss to finish up. Shouldn't have a problem doing all that in a week. Since that is on my computer and I generally stream my console to a tablet on my lunch breaks at work I'll also be starting up Scarlet Nexus since that just hit Game Pass.
  14. Yeah, that's what I used all last season.
  15. Re-added you, let me know if it kicks in.
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