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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone. Been a long time since I posted! Last time I was working on Tiny Tina, naturally got that done. Also did the Outriders update to re-complete that, as well as the Dauntless update to re-complete that one as well. Took a day off work and powered through a game called Drawngeon which has a very old-school RPG mechanic, and the art style is literally as if someone drew it on paper in school - kind of a cool idea, but not a great game in the end - however, it's one of the "add Gamerscore to sell more copies" games, and has 3000G on offer, so for only like five hours why not? Most recently I started and finished the Windows 10 version of Cris Tales on Game Pass, and am currently working through the Xbox version as well. The main selling point of that, the time manipulation powers, is cool in exploring the world but kind of useless in battle unfortunately. Very beautiful and a decent story though, so a fun game in the end. Also been playing a ton of Halo MP, which feels fantastic. Stuck at Diamond 1 rank unfortunately, seems like I should be higher but my one friend is like mid-Plat which doesn't help in winning games. The ranking system also seems to rely way too heavily on K/D vs playing the objective, which is usually my job in our squad. Tend to die a bit more when you're always holding the ball/flag. Gonna hold off on the campaign until the co-op is added, but I'm really glad the game has been so well received! Once I finish the Crist Tales stack, I might do the FF12 stack on Windows, since I think that will be leaving Game Pass in February.
  2. DLC: Title Update Difficulty: 5/10 Time to 1000: 20-30 Hours Unobtainable: None The December 2021 title update in Dauntless added a large batch of new achievements that includes tasks from all the previous title updates combined. There have been many new monsters, weapons, and activities added to the game since its launch, and they wanted to reward players for doing everything the game has to offer. If you had completed the base 1000G, your time to completion on this will be considerably shorter than someone who has not. However, all of the tasks in these new achievements will help you work toward what is still the most grindy achievement in the game, reaching Slayer Master 40, which is an OG achievement. So these achievements don't really add much grind to the game, but rather give you many different things to accomplish on your way to the completion. Your main goal in completing Dauntless should still be getting your Slayer Mastery up, but one achievement to watch out for here is getting an Escalation playlist to Level 25, which is the only achievement that requires you to grind the same exact content over and over. Everything else kind of encourages you to explore different things. I'd suggest just picking an achievement and working toward it, then moving to another, since the majority are done on their own. Light The Way 40 Unlock Milestone V on the Slayer's Path See "Veteran Slater" for more info. Veteran Slayer 80 Unlock Milestone XII on the Slayer's Path The Slayer's Path is a skill tree of sorts that allows you to unlock various activities in the game (such as the Hunting Grounds islands, ability to Reforge, etc), as well as passive buffs for your slayer (such as elemental resistance, better tonics, etc). You will progress along the main path based on how much experience you earn from hunts and bounties. If you completed the achievement in the base game for getting to Mastery Level 40 ("Slayer Supreme") you will easily have enough experience for this. If not, you'll get this along the way to working toward that achievement. The only thing you need are the main 12 nodes moving upward on the skill tree, all the lines off to the sides are optional. Make Your Marks 40 Emerge Victorious from a Trial Trials are hunts which will come with various modifiers that can make them more difficult. You can tackle these in Normal or Dauntless difficulties, the only difference being (obviously) the difficulty, as well as the rewards. For the purpose of this achievement, you can complete a Normal hunt. For more info on the modifiers and monster rotation, see HERE. Perfectly Balanced 40 Build a Loadout with 6 Different +6 Perks For this achievement, you must use armor, weapons, your lantern, and cells to get a gear loadout that has six different perks at +6 bonus each. You will need to Power Surge multiple pieces of gear for this, as this gives their passive bonus +3 rather than the +2 they have when initially crafted. You'll also need to slot all epic (purple) cells into all your gear, which give +3 bonuses. Once you have the right gear setup combined with the right cells, you'll be able to have six bonuses at once each at +6 to unlock the achievement. Make sure you're mixing and matching your cell types so that you can get either a cell that matches the passive bonus on one of your gear pieces, or you can get two of the same cells equipped on your gear. It takes a little tinkering, and you may need to craft additional cells at The Middleman, but it'll all fall into place once you get enough pieces of gear and various cells. The loadout I used for this is as follows: Weapon: The Godhand - +3 Savagery passive, +3 Knockout King cell, +3 Merciless cell Helm: Lightning Helm - +3 Energized passive, +3 Savagery cell Chest: Mantle of the Rift - +3 Conduit passive, +3 Conduit cell Arms: Boreal Might - +3 Tenacious passive, +3 Knockout King cell Legs: Boreal March - +3 Tenacious passive, +3 Merciless cell Lantern: Skarn's Defense - +3 Energized cell You can see this build HERE. The Godhand is a nice weapon to have, as one of its cell slots is "Prismatic" and you can slot any type into it. This allows more utility in which type of armor you can equip, depending on which cell type slots they have. Flaming Fists Of Fury 20 Craft any Blaze Aether Strikers The easiest item to craft for this would be the Ember Fists. You can see which items you need on that link, so simply hunt the appropriate monster enough to get all the items and craft it at Ramsgate. One, Two, Kaboom 20 Hit a Behemoth with Titan's Crash while Tempest Form and Karma Breaker Effects are Active This achievement is somewhat difficult to pull off. The Aether Strikers weapons are very unique, and rely heavily on combos to build up your "mantra" gauge which allows you to perform certain attacks. A single mantra will allow you to perform Tempest Form, which increases attack speed. Two mantras will allow you to perform Karma Breaker, an attack that will leave a damage over time debuff on the enemy. The final thing needed is to charge all three mantras, which will allow you to use the Titan's Crash attack. So, for this achievement, you have to perform the following moves in this order: XXX > hold RB (activate Tempest Form) XYY > hold RB (use Karma Breaker attack - must hit enemy) XXX, XYY, YYY > hold RB (use Titan's Crash attack - must hit enemy) This has to be done quickly, as both Tempest Form and Karma Breaker have time limits and then they wear off, and the Titan's Crash attack must hit while both are still active. It will likely take a few attempts to do correctly, depending on if the enemy you're fighting interrupts you, and how quickly you can manage the combos. If you're in a group where the enemy's focus may be on someone else rather than yourself, this can help. I personally did it alone against a low level Skarn though. Fencing Practice 20 Defeat Tempestborne Stormclaw with a War Pike The Tempestborne Stormclaw enemy can be found on the Twilight Sanctuary hunting ground, or inside the Shock escalation. You will need to have a War Pike of any type equipped when the enemy is killed to unlock this achievement. You do not need to land the killing blow. On The Up And Up 20 Complete an Escalation This will unlock upon completing every encounter inside any type of escalation, doesn't matter the type or difficulty. A Legend In The Making 40 Craft and Bond a Legendary Weapon Legendary Weapons are those crafted using the parts from the largest enemies in the game, the enemies at the end of the high-level escalations: Malkarion, Torgadoro, Thrax, Agarus, and Urska. Another enemy called The Chronovore also falls under this category, but is summoned elsewhere. See "Out of Time" for more info on that enemy. Once you have fought a single enemy enough times to get all the items needed to craft one of the weapons (can be of any type - sword, axe, etc), you will then need to equip it and choose the "bond" option at the bottom of its menu, where you will choose a perk from another weapon of the same type to copy onto your new Legendary weapon. Once you have done that, the achievement will unlock. For a list of Legendary Weapons, see HERE. ...And Stay Down! 20 Slay Malkarion with a Terra Weapon Malkarion is the enemy at the end of the high-level Shock escalation. Make sure you equip any Terra weapon before starting the escalation, and be present at the end to unlock the achievement. You do not need to land the killing blow. Forged In Flame 20 Craft a Weapon or Piece of Armour from Torgadoro Parts Torgadoro is the enemy at the end of the high-level Blaze escalation. You will need to fight and kill it many times to get enough parts to craft something, with armor pieces being the easiest to do. Craft any single item from its selection to unlock the achievement. I Can Do This All Day 40 Reach Level 25 in any Escalation Every time you complete an escalation, you will earn experience and be able to earn skill points for passive bonuses and new amp upgrades, which you can assign at the pylon behind Arkan Drew in Ramsgate. To unlock this achievement, you must repeat the same escalation over and over until you've reached Level 25. Shock, Blaze, Terra, etc all track the XP separately, so pick one and stick with it. Blaze would be a good option since you need to craft an item with Togadoro parts, and you could also use those items to craft your Legendary weapon, so you can combine two other achievements with this one. You will need a total of 109k XP in a single escalation playlist to unlock this achievement. It Burns 20 Slay Flameborn Rezakiri Flameborn Rezakiri is a rare spawn in Blaze escalations, and a guaranteed spawn on the Paradox Breaks hunting ground. Simply kill it once to unlock the achievement. Who's Laughing Now? 20 Slay Thrax with the Hammer, Sword, and Chain Blades Thrax is the final boss of the high-level Umbral escalation. You will need to complete this a total of three times, and ensure you change your weapon to hammer, sword, and chain blades (in any order) to satisfy all three requirements for this achievement. Chronicler 40 Make 25 Discoveries Discoveries are hidden lore items that can be found in Ramsgate and each of the game's hunting grounds maps. There are 52 total discoveries to find. For a video guide, you can find all the Ramsgate discoveries HERE and all the hunting grounds discoveries HERE. Those videos don't cover all 52, but those will get you well over 25 to knock out the achievement. I Have The Antidote 20 Slay a Sporestruck Charrogg and a Sporestruck Embermane with the Parasitic Perk Equipped First, you'll need to obtain the Parasitic perk to make this achievement work. You should get one fairly easily inside cores that you open in Ramsgate (which are rewarded on hunts, or from the daily fountain). You could also craft some armor from the Agarus enemy, which has the perk on it as a passive buff. Once you have the perk either installed via a cell, or from the armor bonus, you'll need to kill both the Sprestruck Charrogg (which can be found in Terra escalations and on three separate islands) and the Sporestruck Embermane (which can be found in Terra escalations and on two separate islands) to unlock the achievement. These don't have to be done in the same hunt or even the same gaming session. One Of A Kind 20 Craft an Exotic Weapon or Armour Piece Exotic items are unique in that you need to find a piece of lore to unlock the blueprint that allows you to craft them. Outside of that, the process remains the same. Kill monsters, get parts, craft. For a complete list of Exotic weapons and armor, as well as the requirement to obtain the blueprints, see HERE. Mushroom Zap 20 Slay Agarus with a Shock Weapon Agarus is the boss of the high-level Terra escalation. You will need to equip any shock weapon prior to starting the escalation, and continue to the end to unlock the achievement. You do not need the killing blow. Begin Again 40 Reforge a Weapon Skill As you earn experience from killing monsters and completing bounties, you will level up your proficiency with each weapon type (separately, depending on what was equipped when you killed the monster or turned in the bounty). Once you hit Level 20 with a weapon, you can choose to reforge it at the pylon inside Ramsgate near Katerin Sorrel. Doing this will reset the weapon's proficiency to Level 1, but add a passive buff to your slayer whenever you wield that weapon type. Reforging the same weapon multiple times will make you increasingly more powerful that other slayers who don't. Bear in mind, you won't be able to take that weapon on high-level hunts until you level it back up. Reforge any weapon once to unlock this achievement. Note: You need to complete the achievement "Veteran Slayer" before this function is available to you. Defender Of The Shattered Isles 20 Successfully Complete 10 Island Events in the Hunting Grounds Island Events are random encounters that may occur inside any hunting ground location. You can quickly see if one is available from the HUD along the top of the screen when you spawn into a hunt. See the section at the bottom HERE for a full list of events, and what their icons look like so you can quickly spot them. If one is not active, travel to another location (or even the same location, but a new instance) to try again. Head to the location of the event and be present at the end (you don't need to be there the entire time), to receive credit. Next Level 40 Equip a Full Set of Power Surged Gear Every time you Reforge a weapon (see "Begin Again" for this process) you will earn one Aetherheart. This item will allow you to Power Surge any weapon or armor piece, increasing its level and stats. You must do this with four pieces of armor and one weapon, and equip all five at the same time to unlock this achievement. King Of The Hill 40 Defeat Malkarion, Torgadoro, Thrax, Agarus, Urska, and The Chronovore For this achievement, you must take down all of the most powerful bosses in the game. They are as follows: Malkarion, end boss of high-level Shock escalations. Torgadoro, end boss of high-level Blaze escalations. Thrax, end boss of high-level Umbral escalations. Agarus, end boss of high-level Terra escalations. Urska, end boss of high-level Frost escalations. The Chronovore, a special enemy summoned in the Paradox Breaks hunting ground. See "Out of Time" for more info on this boss. Once you have defeated all six bosses, the achievement will unlock. Scourge No More 20 Slay Kaltauga, Scourge of the Skaldish Highlands Kaltauga is a unique version of the Skraev behemoth that will be fought during the "Call of Kaltauga" mission, which is a repeatable side-quest that unlocks as part of the story. Take This For Just What It Is 20 Discover a Rumour in the Shattered Isles Rumors are unique quests that unlock just by playing the game. They unlock in a multitude of ways, such as slaying a behemoth, breaking parts off a behemoth, completing missions, earning hunt pass XP, etc. You can't help but do a large amount of those just by playing the game, so a rumor will eventually unlock and give you this achievement along with it. The Pointy End 20 Wound an Umbral Behemoth with a Radiant War Pike For this achievement, you must use a radiant version of the War Pike weapon to cause "wound" damage on any Umbral enemy. The best way to do this is using the basic X attack over and over, which stabs straight forward, on the same section of the enemy (be it the head, leg, side, etc). After a few hits, you should cause wound damage. For a full list of radiant weapons, see HERE. For a full list of Umbral enemies and their locations, see HERE. Timeless Fashion 20 Craft a Piece of Timeweave Armour Timeweave Armor is a unique set of armor that you can craft after finding a lore item on The Paradox Breaks hunting ground. You will need many epic items, rams, and aetherdust to craft these piece. See the video below for the location of the lore item and how to craft the pieces. Out Of Time 20 Defeat The Chronovore The Chronovore is a unique enemy in Dauntless, being the only one that is summoned using a consumable. On the hunting ground island The Paradox Breaks, enemies will be Elder or Primal in nature, and defeating them will drop a Chrono-Stone which is used to start the Temporal Anomaly island event. At the end of this event, The Chronovore will spawn. Complete this event by defeating The Chronovore to unlock this achievement. You will need to complete this multiple times to earn enough parts to craft the armor piece needed for "Timeless Fashion" so stick around and join whenever someone starts this event, and defeat all the enemies that spawn around the island to earn more stones so you can start it again yourself as well. Omnipowerful 20 Craft and Equip an Omnicell Omnicells are a gear type that give you a unique ability on a cooldown to use in battle. There are a total of five of these to craft and use. You have to use the Revenant Omnicell for the "What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger" achievement, so aim to get that one first. For more info on the cells, click HERE. You can click through to each specific cell from that page to see what items are needed to craft each one. Hero Of Ostia 40 Complete a Heroic Escalation Heroic Escalations are available to anyone who has reached Level 20 in an escalation playlist. Unfortunately, these are on a rotation, so if you have focused on Shock or Blaze and leveled those up, but the currently available Heroic is Frost, you won't be able to attempt this achievement for that week and will need to either work on leveling up that escalation or wait for one of the ones you are 20+ in to come back around. Once you are able to participate, aside from the increased difficulty, the method to completing these escalations remains the same. However, the difficulty increase in fairly intense. Most attacks will one-shot you unless you have the best possible gear, so you should really work on knowing when to dodge through attacks or move away from the enemies. Hopefully you'll get lucky and either matchmake with someone who has reforged their weapons many times, or use the Dauntless Discord to try and find a group to carry you. A Legendary Foe 20 Slay Thunderdeep Drask Thunderdeep Drask is a variant enemy that can be found on the Cape Fury or Twilight Sanctuary hunting ground maps, and in most high-level escalations. Defeat it once to unlock this achievement. Ready, Whatever The Weather 40 Craft Repeaters of Every Element Repeaters are the gun weapon in the game, and you will need to craft one of each type for this achievement: neutral, blaze, shock, terra, frost, umbral, and radiant. Once you have one of each type, the achievement will unlock. For more information on this weapon type and all available crafting recipes, see HERE. Test Your Mettle 20 Slay Five Behemoths on The Blazeworks The Blazeworks is a hunting ground island in the game, and you simply need to kill any five monsters on the island for this achievement. Enemies will respawn, so you can do circles around the island and participate in events if they show up, or just kill one enemy and then reload a new instance of the island and repeat. Faced The Forge 20 Defeat Phaelanx Phaelanx is an enemy that will appear in the following hunting grounds: The Paradox Breaks, Twilight Sanctuary, and The Blazeworks. Find it at least once in any of these locations and kill it to unlock the achievement. What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger 20 Do 100,000 Total Damage with the Revenant Omnicell The Revenant Omnicell is a unique piece of equipment that will only fit a very high-risk/high-reward playstyle. It draws your own lifeforce to deal out large amounts of damage, and returns it via lifesteal after the effect ends. However, because you drain a ton of your own health while the ability is active, you run the risk of dying from enemy attacks before getting your health back at the end of the skill. For more info on this, and the items required to craft it, see HERE. All damage done while in Revenant state counts toward this achievement, so it should unlock fairly quickly while using this ability, especially if you already have a Level 20 proficiency in a weapon and are doing high-level hunts. I thought at first it would only count the tendril damage, but luckily that is not the case. A Week Well Spent 20 Complete 4 Seasonal Challenges Seasons are a long event that usually runs for about 16 weeks in the game. Each week, you will be given a handful of challenges to complete, which award a currency that can be used to purchase cosmetic items. You only need to complete four challenges for this achievement, and the challenges from each week are available for the entire season, so if you jump in on week 10 for instance, you'll have 50+ challenges to work with. Most of these will come naturally as well, as you work on other achievements. You can see the full list of challenges in-game just in case you need to specifically work on them, but I got all four of mine done on the first day I returned to the game without even realizing it. The Darkest Timeline 20 Slay Bloodshot Shrowd Bloodshot Shrowd is a variant enemy that spawns in the hunting ground island The Blazeworks. You can keep searching for new instances of the island if it doesn't spawn right away. This is the highest level island in the game as of December 2021, so you'll need to have some of the best equipment to be useful against this monster. There will usually be a full group of people available that you can tag along with though.
  3. Finding re-main to be as terrible as I did? Glad the bike boys are coming back. I actually took a break after the second season, definitely need to pick that back up.
  4. I finished up Act 2 in B4B last week and then Halo came out and we played that this week instead. I'm hoping we don't get tunnel vision and go back to finish it up, because that was good fun. However, Halo is some damn good fun too! I haven't enjoyed a Halo MP since Reach, but this feels like the old days with a few modern amenities. Really nice. On the RPG front, working through the Tiny Tina game slowly as they added a huge grind in it to hit max level, and will do the Outriders title update as well but I need to grind some there as well since I never boosted the challenge rank for Expeditions when I did the base game.
  5. Had a couple good weeks since my last post. I did indeed finish up FF8 on Windows before it leaves Game Pass today. I also went back and wrote a guide for it. I remember when I did the Xbox version someone else was working on it, but they abandoned it. That's up now right here. I also did the second episode of Light Fairytale, which continues to be a cute little RPG series. Not much to each episode, but if you love old-school RPGs with turn-based combat, each one at $8 when they release is a solid buy. Guide for that here. I started Hades intending on going for the completion, then realized TA doesn't have it in RPG... I put in a disagreement, so we'll see what they say. I really enjoyed the first hour too, so I'll definitely play it for fun either way, but want to see where they land before I get too invested. Currently working on the "new" Borderlands game that shadow dropped last week, which is just a standalone version of the Tiny Tina D&D DLC from Borderlands 2. It's unnecessarily grindy, as you have to get to Level 35 and your first playthrough caps at 17, and you need to complete all the skill-related achievements for all six characters, two of which require Level 10 or 15 so there's a bit of grinding. I'll submit that guide today or tomorrow probably.
  6. Hi all, this is just a quick bullet point list of what to do and where to go to ensure you don't miss any achievements in this episode. I didn't make it very detailed, but you can check the Achievement Guide for some more info on the achievements. If you follow along with this though, you should be good to go! -Grab the grenade and kill the wolves with it for "Survivor" -When you are sent to Junk City, return inside the house and speak to Ayaka before leaving Ghost Town (Aunty, Part 1) -Outside Ghost Town, stand in the wind to unlock "Always There for You" -After getting to Junk City, sell Battle Gloves for "Reckless" -Talk to Kid next to the snowman (Kid!, Part 1) -After getting the Fire Orb Fragments, try to sell them for "Scammer" -Return to Ghost Town and sleep in the bed for "Freebie" -Go up the hill in Ghost Town to speak with Ayaka near the flowers (Aunty, Part 2) -Outside Junk City, light the red beacon and head south to light a second. Return to Junk City for more fragments. -Light the three beacons to the north, and defeat the goblins in each alcove. Return to Junk City for more fragments. -Light the final beacons to unlock "And there was light" and fight the Goblin Leader, use the final fragment in battle to unlock "My precious..." -Return to Junk City to find soldiers have appeared, talk to everyone and save your game. -Leave Junk City and stand in the wind to die and unlock "Not always there for you" -Reload your game and head to Ghost Town to save and recruit Ayaka to unlock "Aunty!?" (Aunty, Part 3) -Go back toward Junk City, talk to the girl near the beacon and then the Elder in the city. (Daichi, Part 1) -Head north through the winds to the Ice Lair. -Go into the Sewers first and release Daichi (Goblin Jailer is all the way to the right, closest to the screen). -Read all parts of the note inside Daichi's cell to unlock "Bookworm" (press Up) (Daichi, Part 2) -During the Executioner fight, kill all 12 Goblin Archers before killing the boss to unlock "Goblin genocide" -Return to Junk City and talk to Kid to recruit her and unlock "Kid!" -Leave Junk City for the forest, then immediately backtrack to the section between the City and Ghost Town. Inspect the staff here to unlock "Elder, forever..." (Daichi, Part 3) -Inside the forest, make your way to Area F (you'll see letters on the pole in each intersection). -Head south from F to find the elf village for "ELF Found!" (can save and heal here) -Head back to F and head north to defeat the mech for "YOU, again?" -Head back to F and head east to defeat the snow dragon for "Dragon slayer" -Somewhere along the way here, you should have used your AR goggles enough to unlock "A.R. Junior," reached Level 6 to unlock "I'm REALLY angry," got enough money for "1000+ credits," and done a strong enough attack to unlock "500+ HP damage" - if you don't have any of those, make sure you backtrack now to complete them before proceeding, or keep a separate save file to work from. -Follow the ruins to complete the story and unlock "The encounter" and "All cleared!"
  7. Finished up Scarlet Nexus. That game was much more flash over substance, but it wasn't bad by any means. Glad I got to do it on Game Pass instead of buying it though. Guide is up, ~50 hours, no missables. Finished and started Echo Generation over this past weekend, which was really good. Loved the story, the voxel art was good even though that's not my favorite style, but the combat was a little disappointing - similar to South Park and Super Mario RPG, but the inputs weren't very tight and some moved too quickly. Highly recommended though, also on Game Pass! Guide is up for that as well, ~8-10 hours, lots of missables but there's a walkthrough video by Achievement Land you can follow. This week I've been blasting through The Ascent now that it's finally all patched achievement-wise. I really enjoy the aesthetic of it, though the Gameplay is very generic (just Diablo with guns). I like the whole cyberpunk setting, story and color scheme though, another I'd definitely recommend! Guide is up for that too! This one's ~12-15 hours, no missables. And of course yet another on Game Pass. FF8 is leaving Game Pass on the 15th, so I need to finish up the PC version of that before it goes. I think I left off toward the end of Disc 1, so I've got a decent amount left, but shouldn't have any issues completing it in time.
  8. Speak of the devil, our stars aligned and we got to play last night! Finished up Act 1 and played about four games of Swarm which was pretty cool. I think they need to design levels like L4D had where there's a clear objective for the survivors rather than just "run around as long as possible" - seems like they could just adapt the actual game levels? Would be much more fun to win the game by getting in the safe room versus just staying alive longer. Just one achievement left in Scarlet Nexus on the solo front, probably about two hours of level grinding before I'll be done. Might start a quicker Game Pass title next like Echo Generation or Cris Tales.
  9. It's really bad. It has almost zero water polo playing, so it's not a sports anime, and the characters are all garbage compared to something like Stars Align that used sports as a backdrop but ended up being a great story on its own. But it's short at least.
  10. I really liked it! My two best friends IRL that I try to game with semi-regularly are not in the best shape to align schedules since two of us have multiple kids and one has terminal brain cancer lol (that isn't funny obviously but we all use humor to cope with it). He also lives in California while the dads live in Michigan so it's tough. We try to get together once a week but failed this week which is why I only played the one time so far. Definitely plan to do more though!
  11. Haha, I'm in the same boat there. I remember going through half the final difficulty and getting to the point where I needed to grind the materials to max out my health, but I just got bored and moved on (especially since this would be the second time completing the game after starting a new Gamertag ) Anyway, right now it seems to be rounding up based on Gamerscore for some reason. I mentioned this to Rx and I think the plan will be to switch Max Clubs to tracking having all achievements rather than all Gamerscore, since there are in fact games that have multiple 0-pointers to where you could have 1000/1000 but be missing some achievements. We'll sort that out in time, but probably lower on the totem pole of fixes right now.
  12. Thought the second half of MHA was pretty boring tbh. Other than that I didn't watch much. Need to catch up on Slime. The water polo show was bad, watched something dumb called Battle Game in 5 Seconds that didn't end up being interesting. Don't plan on much this season either. Komi, Demon Slayer, Blue Period, last season of Baki, and Platinum End. Probably the girls' ice hockey one teppy just posted as well.
  13. Finished up the Xbox One stack for Tales of Arise. Then they go ahead and announce Vesperia is leaving Game Pass in two weeks, so I'm going to finish up the Windows stack of that. I had already done Playthrough 1, just need to spend maybe another hour grinding grade shop points before I do the NG+ speed run and finish the titles/collector book/arena. Then the low level run to kill the first boss to finish up. Shouldn't have a problem doing all that in a week. Since that is on my computer and I generally stream my console to a tablet on my lunch breaks at work I'll also be starting up Scarlet Nexus since that just hit Game Pass.
  14. Yeah, that's what I used all last season.
  15. Hey man, time is time and time is also money. Game Pass has nearly covered all my interests for a long time now, so I barely spend outside of that. I still need to do Cris Tales, Astria Ascending comes out tomorrow, haven't started Hades, DQ Builders... the list goes on.
  16. Just saw this! Probably not tbh. 1) I almost strictly play RPGs at this point in my life lol, and 2) if it's not an RPG, it better be on Game Pass if you want me to even consider it. I finished up Tales of Arise over the weekend. What a fantastic game! Glad the series is back on Xbox. I think in a lot of ways it was better than Tales of Vesperia (much better combat, quests were better, simplified and no missables) but in a lot of ways it was a little TOO dumbed down (very few enemy models - just color swapped for each new area, very linear). I probably like Vesperia a bit more overall, but this was really worth the money. I immediately started the Xbox One version after completing the Series X|S version.
  17. DLC is part of a game’s achievement list, plain and simple. Would be nice if Microsoft tracked it separately somehow or had a Platinum Trophy equivalent to help differentiate when you completed a base list and didn’t partake in the future content but we don’t have that luxury on Xbox.
  18. Thanks, Necro. As he mentioned @Naberiosyou will need to enable Manual in your settings to continue using the lists in the old fashion. None of your progress was lost, and I explicitly stated in my post that tracking is once every 24 hours, so I'm not sure where you got the impression it would be instantaneous. Hopefully once you make the switch everything is still to your liking!
  19. Go to your settings: https://www.xboxachievements.com/profile/profile_settings.php See if it is set to automatic or manual. We launched the auto-tracking today and that is the default I believe. Switch to manual if you prefer to use the My Checklists feature.
  20. Please read Dan Webb’s announcement here. And please forgive his use of light mode… First and foremost, I’d like to thank everyone for their patience. Yes, this is a long time coming. Yes, we’ve made promises in the past and not been able to keep them. Yes, this should have happened sooner. There are a myriad of reasons why it didn't. But we kept on working and kept on striving to get to where we wanted to be, and today is a large part of that growth and a realization we’ve been dreaming of. I hope you all enjoy it. So, as Webb mentioned in the announcement linked above, automatic tracking is now available here at XBA. If you’re reading this and don’t have an account, you’ll need to first sign up for one, then you can click on your username on the front page or the “My Stats” link on the forum to be taken to your profile. On this page, you’ll be asked to input your Gamertag to be scanned into the site. This could take a few hours or even a day or so on your first scan depending on how many achievements you have and how many people are being scanned at the time. We preloaded about 10k tags based on what was linked to forum profiles, so your stats may already be active. From there, what to expect? Well, let me run through the pages with you real quick. Webb covered a lot of it, but here's a breakdown piece by piece. My Profile: This is the main spot for all your stats. Here you can see all your totals, the breakdown in pie charts for different things such as genres and developers/publishers, completions percentages for genres, franchises, etc. Lots to take it. At the bottom, you’ll also see your Max Clubs, all the games you have complete 100% of the achievements in. Just a bunch of fun stuff for stat nerds. Played Games: This is a chronological list of all your played games with a handy progress bar for each showing your trek toward completion. The names of the games on this page are pulled from xbox.com, so they might differ slightly in how they are represented on our side. You can click "Load More" at the bottom to see the next 25 games. Achievement Log: This one's fairly simple, just a chronological list of all your recently unlocked achievements. Nice and pretty to look at. Once again, click "Load More" at the bottom to see further back. Collection/Wishlist: Another obvious one. You can remove games by clicking the little trash can icon, while adding games to this page is done on the individual game pages in the "About Game" section. My Checklists: Did you prefer doing everything manually? Did you get a little tingle in your pants when you checked off an achievement in real time right after you unlocked it? Well, you can still enjoy this feature right alongside our automatic tracking. We previously thought you'd have to choose, but we found out they could coincide and your checklists will be housed here. Messages: This will take you to your forum inbox for Private Messages. Settings: The first few setting here will let you auto-hide some things if you prefer, but the bottom two are the most important depending on what view you'd like on the achievement lists and guides. If you want to just let the automated system do its thing, set it to automatic and they will update themselves once every 24 hours for regular members and once every hour for subscribers. If you prefer to update that stuff yourself with the manual, obviously manual is you choice there! Dark/Light Toggle: Toggle this to Dark Mode and then don't touch it ever again. --------------------------------------------- Please be aware stats may be off in the beginning. Some of the things are new to the site, such as the Franchise option, and not every game in a franchise may be tagged yet. Genres are currently only tracking the main genre field, not the "subgenre" field, so some games may be missing there as well (for instance Borderlands might be under Shooter vs RPG, rather than both as we'd like). We also have a lot of work to standardize the Developer and Publisher fields as well. There is a lot of Microsoft vs Microsoft Game Studios vs Xbox Game Studios, etc. We will work on merging all of these into one (the most current name). Please let us know of any inaccuracies in your stats or the way certain things are displaying, and don't hesitate to suggest any improvements you'd like to see. I am very happy this day has finally come! Enjoy.
  21. Yakuza done! What a fantastic game that was. It's such a traditional JRPG in terms of the gameplay, but the story was so wacky and I loved how all the characters and enemies are essentially street brawling but because of how the main character sees the world they are doing magic and turn into weird enemies and such. The final dungeon was quite a challenge, but just took a little extra bit of grinding to overcome. I quickly did a brand new game called WeakWood Throne after that. Bite-sized little RPG that only took 2-3 hours. I have started up the Windows version of Final Fantasy 8 since that will likely be leaving Game Pass in the next month or so. I also started a game I bought ages ago called Regions of Ruin which is a really fun little Town Management/RPG hybrid. I hope to be done with both of those by early next week and then I will be diving into Tales of Arise!
  22. Wow, been a month! Time flies... I did finish up Outriders, which was... fine. That's about it. Generic looter shooter, decent mechanics and handling. Glad it's just a single player thing and won't have a bunch of ongoing content like so many others. After that I finished up FF7 on Windows. I had a feeling it would drop out of Game Pass since its year anniversary was coming up, and I was right! Then I also saw Darksiders: Genesis was dropping and did the Windows stack of that quickly as well. I'll have to do FF8 before October or November I think. I also ran through Dodgeball Academia which is a brand new Game Pass title. Loved this! Very compact little RPG where every battle is a dodgeball match with different powers and ball types. Very cool. Guide is submitted to the site, should be published soon. Finally started Yakuza 7! So many cutscene lol. Pretty good so far though.
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