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  1. I had the same problem in that level. I just quit out of the level and kept playing it over and over again until it fixed itself. Took around 5 attempts.
  2. I will be picking this up day one. The last game was fantastic.
  3. This achievement can be done on any map. I did it with other players. When your boosting it try to kill 2 paduks ( I think that's how you spell it ) because he has the least amount of health. Btw my friend was lagging the game not me so I'm not sure how to do it.
  4. You can get this achievement by lagging up your connection, doing that puts you on a local server not an epic game server. Will unlock 100% of the time if you do this.
  5. This achievement isn't perma glitched but it is VERY VERY BUGGY. Someone I know got it after trying for hours and hours finally.
  6. Me and my friends have been boosting this on the new dlc map and none of us can get this to unlock any ideas. Btw, yes we have been playing ranked. We also tried it on a non dlc map and it still didn't unlock. Some of us even got a triple kill and it still didn't unlock.
  7. Nice job if you were indeed the first! Ignore the negative comments.
  8. A lot of people seem to think this is out of the game, but you can tag people by holding LB and then pressing B. Sorry if this isn't thread worthy, but most people don't seem to know this.
  9. Does anyone know how many times you can re up, I'm just curious.
  10. This game knows magic because it made my save file vanish.
  11. Boycott a game because of the achievements, lmao. That's kinda pathetic people.
  12. I just hit 500,000gs today! My next goal is 500 completed games ( only 3 away ) then it's onto 600K.
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