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  1. there is barred gates to get to assassin reeth and they wont budge anyone know a way around them or a fix?
  2. Add me to play online either "meatwad44" or " master shake34" or both lol I'm down to play or do whatever
  3. I waszent supposd to touch this kind of screen but i thought there was a bug on it, your not clever your an asshole, fuck you
  4. I see people with hacked clan tags litterally every game, what gives?
  5. My m4 is at lvl 30 and randomly refuses to level, other guns will, anyone know a fix? I get kills with it but the exp bar stays where it's at, been that way for over 5 games, it also gave me the m4 title at level 30
  6. everytime I try to talk to the great kahn she tells me to get lost and there no dialouge...iv followe4d every step wtf is going on..I really hope I didn't waste 3 hours for nothin
  7. How do you unlock different mutations for arcade mode campagin????
  8. Nvm i went to the menu and back then it unlocked...wtf lolz
  9. I played in the beta all four weeks and yet I got no unlocks from the beta o r the medal for playing in the beta....no i didn't delete my save and yes I got an update someone help me out here!!:mad::mad:
  10. I changed my xbox live gamertag..how do I chzange my username on here? Also this site is not updating my achievement score, so does anyone know of any fixes for these things? also 2 more days!!!
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