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  1. I have also had a couple of the story related achievements not pop right away. A couple things you can try that worked for me is first save your game and then complaetely close out of game and reopen it. That worked for me for the one related to getting all characters. If that doesn’t work you can try to do a hard reboot of your Xbox(holding down the power button on the console itself until it powers all the way down). This worked for me on the cloister achievement. Hope this works for anybody having issues with this.
  2. My TV screen is periodically flickering when set to 4KUHD just like the ups along issue the Xbox One S has when trying to upscale to 4K. Is anybody else seeing this issue or did I by chance get a faulty console? The flickering does not happen when I set the console to 1080p. I have an LG 55UH615A 4K tv if that helps. Thanks in advance for any help or advice. Edit: I believe the issue I was having was called screen tearing and I believe I have fixed it. Apparently screen tearing occurrs when your device is putting out a higher frame rate than your TV/monitor. Each HDMI port on my TV has a setting that will allow a static 60 FPS which should be at or above the frame rate of current games. This setting was turned off for the HDMI port that my Xbox was running through. I have since turned this setting on and as of the time of this edit have not seen the problem occur again. So far so good and I hope this helps anybody else who has this problem.
  3. Ok, didn't see it anywhere. Thanks.
  4. Does anybody know if the characters/weapons/armor from deleted vaults will count towards this achievement or does it have to be done in 1 vault. I was thinking of starting a new vault and doing some of the easier early on objectives to get a few lunch boxes, open them up then delete the vault and repeat. I'm just not sure if that would work or not.
  5. Update: achievements were not unlocking on any game for me and it appears a hard reboot of my Xbox seems to have fixed the issue as a few of the achievements in this game unlocked for me upon loading and playing the game for a few levels.
  6. I have put about 3 hours into this game and should have unlocked 3 or 4 achievements by this point yet I have not. I have found 1 relic according to the ingame tracker and I on stage 38 or 39 so I know at least two should be unlocked. Anybody else have this issue? It has been around 24 hours since I should have unlocked them and. I have also tried snapping the achievement app as I hear that sometimes remedies cheevos not unlocking. Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.
  7. I have scored over 20 touchdowns multiple times in a row and none of the teams with the conditions of scoring so many touchdowns in a row have unlocked. Even the teams like Tampa that are not tied to achievements and only require you to score 5 TDs two times in a row have not unlocked. Anybody else have this issue?
  8. I got somewhere between 15 and 20 total in the first two days, I was even rewarded the spectre price for 15. I have only unlocked the tower up to map 7 and I did the towers from maps 2-7 one time each in those two days.
  9. Maybe I was getting them and just not getting the message in the inbox. When I logged in today (9/15)I had a "congratulations" message and I had a few more magic tickets which would have been today's reward.
  10. Has anybody received any of the login rewards? I have logged in multiple times on both the 13th and the 14th and have yet to get any of the rewards for either day.
  11. This is pretty cool of them. Most companies would have just told the backers to go suck an egg or take it up with Microsoft or something. I did not back this though I wanted to and just never got around to it but I will definitely be backing future games from this team. They seem to get it.
  12. Not sure if you realize but they mean the first 6 maps and not just the first 6 levels of the first area.
  13. GT: dAFKave813 Will be adding people who have posted recently and will send any gifts that drop.
  14. I sold items to this NPC one time and then beat him in a game of gwent. This character no longer shows up as a vendor on the mini map, the A button never appears above his head and he will not interact with me in anyway. Dunno if he bugged or if he is passed that I put a hurtin on him in gwent or what. Anybody else have this happen?
  15. I was really hoping they would fix the match making system. So tired of being immediately vote kicked from a group that is standing at the last boss of a dungeon because their tank/healer left. All this after I just had to reconnect to the game because I got dropped offline while loading a different area of the game. These imo are two very major issues they should be addressing. They seem more important to me than the tooltip on unidentified items.
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