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  1. I replayed the missions to get gold, but that's about it. I found it pretty fun, somewhat challenging for a couple.
  2. Wouldn't suprise me. Guess I'll just have to beat it in one sitting.
  3. Happened multiple times already today.
  4. I'll be getting it. The multiplayer shit sucks though. Hopefully the servers don't die in 3 days lol.
  5. Exactly. We have only had this thing for a little less then 2 months.
  6. Had no problems except day one when I got it. Close every app besides party (if your using it). I found when I was playing other games if I leave an app or multiple open then start a game it will eventually crash. I don't know why this happens because it happens for almost half the games out.
  7. This game is 5000 times better then Ghosts it doesn't even compare IMO. This game seriously needs help though. This whole process feels like we are the beta testers for this game. Cut me a check. Hopefully Dice will push through. I know the problems are damaging their image a little and I really want them to push even more ahead of Cod if they haven't.
  8. Make sure the time of your games aren't below 5 minutes. I unlocked all the players ones no problems. For the LeBron achievement you need to finish the game. If you weren't doing that already.
  9. When it happened to me and how I got it to work. Go to dashboard Quit the game Go to profiles and hit choose this person Restart game
  10. Never played the first because of no Coop. If they ever did remake the first and put coop in I would buy it.
  11. Crash Bandicoot Spyro Cod 4 Kingdom Hearts 1&2 for Xbox One cause I never played them. I want 3. Halo 2 Need For Speed Underground Tony Hawk 1-4
  12. Got the 1000. Fairly easy besides the not dying achievements.
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