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  1. Thanks for the friend request, your my first lol

  2. I still need Come Back King and all of the HUT achievements (if they can even be boosted, I honestly don't know). And if someone could let me borrow some cards for two seconds so I can get Team Colors, that would be cool too.
  3. I thought about the size difference, but for some reason the trapezoid not being on the international rinks didn't come to mind, even though I knew they didn't have them. That makes me consider using them, since I HATE the trapezoid.
  4. This is a good question. I'd love to know as well. I'd tell you myself, but I can hardly read them on my crappy TV, heh.
  5. It figures that I did this in the demo, but not the actual game. I believe I went through all of NHL 10 without doing it, NHL 11 probably won't be any different.
  6. Yup. I was lost for a second as well yesterday, then I just put the settings however I wanted, and on the screen where you pick the team I set the difficulty as "medium". I think it was set on that by default, but still.
  7. This has probably already been answered elsewhere, but whatever. Everything I have seen has said that it's basically just an extra pair of skates and everything to choose from...it being called a "boost" is misleading, as there's no bonus/boost that comes with it.
  8. Yes, I well aware, for months now at least. Doesn't concern me since I'll be buying new anyway, so I don't care. Buying used games obviously doesn't help the people that make the games at all, so this is their way of making money off of it...*shrugs*
  9. Thank you! Now all I need is the league achievements, but I'll have to wait for that I think...the place I am at right now has an older router and it seems like it's picky with who it connects to, and I can't open the NAT either because it says it will interfere will the WLAN. <_< Oh well, I'll be home in a couple weeks, I'll just come back here then.
  10. I need the achievements for the gold medal and all of the EASHL trophies. If anyone could invite me to their team so I could get them, that'd be awesome. I would leave right afterwards of course, unless you wanted me to stay for some reason.
  11. Congrats to your Flyers moving on the to next round (I'm assuming your a Flyers fan based on what I've seen in the NHL thread). I guess I'll have to settle on being glad that JVR at least scored the goal that turned around game 7. Still not happy that the Flyers won though, haha.

  12. I didn't even know this had come out, I haven't seen it anywhere.
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