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  1. Looking to get all castle map pack achievements GT:Jaketh3snak3
  2. online right now just need 5 in a row and online champ will help with the other two if needed also GT:Jaketh3snak3
  3. Lookin' to set up a group of at least 4 players each with 4 controllers each to go for the Bigfoot achievement and the other Crimson DLC achievements. Shatter was moved to Big Team and Dominion but there is no mantis in Dominion sadly so we need 16 in the lobby for Big Team. Planned date: February 26th, maybe the 27th or the weekend. Planning on times between 12am (midnight) GMT - 6am GMT For those of us in the U.S. that'd be 6pm Central/7pm Eastern - 12am Central/1am Eastern. If interested, copy this message and put your Gamertag on the list with # of controllers that you can hookup. Once we get a total of 16 controllers we can do it. More are welcome though if we end up with more on the list: 1. Kaifory - 4 2. Syndrofadown 3 or 4 (i'm on belgian time gmt+1) 3. Fear Celestia - 3 4. Jaketh3snak3 - 2 maybe 3 5. 6.
  4. online now with four controllers only have an hour GT jaketh3snak3
  5. need a team for hyperius and master gee GT jaketh3snak3 lvl 50 commando
  6. need basically all online achievements online now. GT:Jaketh3snak3
  7. need all online achievements GT: Jaketh3snak3
  8. need to get the three new defiant achievements looking for group to go after them tonight around 7:30 i have three controllers. GT: Jakethasnak3 achievements are Dont touch that prevent the attacking team from touching the flag Paper beats rock Assassinate a player that just exited armot-lock All alone Last surviving uninfected player in infection
  9. looking for someone who knows the ropes of fire mission and firewall to run both on vet really quick. fire mission- [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DGwD8TTTQI]MW3: Spec Ops - Fire Mission Veteran Guide - YouTube[/ame] fire wall- [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBFSe51kfgY]CoD: MW3 - Spec Ops "Firewall" - Veteran - YouTube[/ame] videos are so you know what to expect in the missions GT:Jaketh3snak3
  10. trying to do all TiR achievements. message me if your also trying to get them all. GT: Jaketh3snak3
  11. trying to get 5 sticks and running riot challenge i have 2 controllers GT: Jaketh3snak3
  12. looking for group to get the triple kill really quick
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