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  1. haha I'm not even sure my Xbox can play it? Is it region-free? Either way. NO! Although I've got a few games I need to finish off and a few co-op promises to uphold, EDF 2025 was always going to be my semi-retirement from Achievements. It's my 315th max. Time to use that PS4 that's been gathering dust for months!
  2. Well that's 3000 out of 3000 on EDF games. I'm so glad that's over with!
  3. Hard to say for sure but my guess would be that, in this example, a level 6 weapon is fractionally more likely to drop than a level 20. So if I was missing a level 8 weapon and there was a mission that dropped 1-8 and one that dropped 8-30, maybe the latter would be the best bet. That said, I got all my low level weapons farming Anchored on Inferno as it's super easy and then got all the high ones farming 2-16.
  4. Highest level weapon is 95. I don't know why it says 100. I'm not sure but my guess is that it's random but with the higher level weapons being less likely to drop. The reason I say this is because when I was farming for weapons (DLC 2, Mission 16) over half of the time the last weapon to drop in any group (say for example Ranger sniper rifles) would be the highest rated one. It seemed to happen more often than if it was truly random. And in fact my last weapon in any group was probably in the top three in over 90% of the groups. If that makes sense.
  5. I've been farming 2-12 for armor because I find it easier to set up for AFK farming. You can't leave one character on one nest as they get moved around and either stop getting powerups or start getting killed. So what I do is have one in the middle shooting up and one on the lip of the nest shooting across horizontally just over the other player. I kill the final gold ant nest and just farm the remaining spider one. The advantage is that you have the enemies covered from two angles and if they do escape most of the time the character on top gets pushed back and ends up killing the nest. I've left it AFK farming for ages, come home and found I've beaten the level. The downside is that that can happen quite soon but sometimes it can be after an hour or so.
  6. So.... 3/10 for difficulty? I think not buddy. Only 49 people have maxed this on TrueAchievements (out of just over 1000). Those arcade score achvs are much harder than 3/10. I'd rate this at a solid 7.
  7. I gave the dual ZEXRs a go. Pretty good. But found a ZEXR and a Limpet launcher thing (2x 4000 damage) to be good also. Air Raider generally comes a cropper at some point but rescuing them with the WD is usually pretty easy. The trick is to not go chasing them golden ants!
  8. Thanks man. I'll give those set-ups a go. I might keep a pairing free on the Fencer for dash cancelling though. Otherwise it'll take an age to walk that level!
  9. Thanks for the reply, buddy. But my question pretty much addressed most of that already. I do use the WD predominantly and will continue to keep her involved (just for the armor and to save the other class) but I'm really looking to have the other classes lead on this as I think it saves a bit of time. So really I just need to know what the best cave based weapons are for AR and Fencer. ta!
  10. I've just finished picking up all the weapons for my wing diver. Dual iDunns were the way forward. I'm using the Ranger now and his AF100 / Stingray MF is a pretty good combo. I use him to plough forwards, picking up greens, until he dies and then I use the WD to swoop in and save him. Repeat all the way to the end. He's pretty good though. I can foresee that being troublesome with the other two. While I'm happy keeping a WD handy as backup, I'd like to run most of the level with the class I'm collecting for as it'll be quicker in the long run. So, what weapons would be good for those classes on 2-16? Air Raider wont have any vehicles and the Fencer is bit too much of a liability with his explosive weapons and his guns tend to be a bit rubbish. Also, has anyone beaten the game in online co-op? I figure the easiest path to the 1000GS is offline but mainly because online Inferno is too difficult with the co-op multiplier. I'm wondering if it's even worth attempting.
  11. Nice one, Simon. Can that level get you every weapon in the game? Or does it top out at level 90? If so, what's the best one for the most elite weapons?
  12. What's the actual name of DLC3? I want to pick it up today but don't want to get the wrong one!
  13. Looks like today's the day to get the armours/pets before they add a bunch more in 1.2. With that in mind, if you can get onto XBL at 7pm GMT, I can hook you up. All armours. All pets. No worries.
  14. Someone needs to explain to Sandlot that while we expect grinding achievements in EDF we don't necessarily enjoy them. I'm beginning to find this a little soul destroying and I've barely touched the achievements on it.
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