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  1. I've just put up a session for the Moderator Challenge achievement. I'll be online racing for an hour.
  2. You can continue playing after you finish the story to pick up anything you've missed, just like every other Assassins Creed game.
  3. As Benny says, perhaps you have different DLC downloaded. Or you both have NAT issues. Are you able to connect to him in other multiplayer games? Are you able to join an xbox live party with him? One good test would be for both people to power off xbox, power off the internet router, wait 30 seconds, turn on the internet router, then once your internet is back up, turn on the xbox and try again. Sometimes your router gets hung up. I've had connectivity issues in the past and restarting everything on both ends fixes it most times.
  4. Perhaps there is a word filter that you are accidentally triggering, maybe they don't want profanity in their email addresses.
  5. It's definitely not a coincidence, these games have been targeted for a reason. The reason being new games coming out. I'd say most of the games that we're going to get over the next 5 months will be older games that have new versions coming out on the xbox one in the first year.
  6. A successful gaming session is on where I've had fun. If I've got a buttload of achievements also so much the better.
  7. Absolutely. I've still got hundreds of games to complete before I get rid of the 360s.
  8. Since you like games with good story, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Dishonored. The story for that game is just...wow.

  9. If gamestop can't tell you, then nobody probably can.
  10. Probably the best thing to do is go back to Gamestop and ask them as it's on their receipt.
  11. I think it's very snobbish that the OP thinks that if someone doesn't play games the way that the OP does, they are not a real gamer. A gamer is someone who plays games period. It doesn't matter what the game, what the platform.
  12. No, the coop is very limited. It's more a sidekick, than a full coop.
  13. If you see me online flick me a message. I may not be at the console though. I'm rubber banding through 320 km of driving off a cliff.
  14. I'm wanting to play this game, need to unlock all the DLC cars, do a few hundred takedowns, unlock pro mods etc. Problem is I'm in Australia so not really playing when everyone else is. If we could organise a jump 6 cars at the airport hell I'll get out of bed at 3 am to get that one out of the way.
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