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  1. Hi has anyone else seen this issue. it may be to do with doing abroad into another time zone, but i have come home and it hasnt fixed. The 72 hr & the 24hr refineries have glitched in that they are counting down from 460 hrs. unless there is a way to clear it I am looking at 3 weeks for it to clear
  2. controls have improved (dramatically) since the last windows 8 os update on my lumia 620.
  3. equally cant believe the amount of people who seem to think it is the worst game in the world!. I played the demo back in the day, and it was a toss up between that and blur. I went for blur and to be honest, it never grabbed me, weapon powerups are just not my thing I guess in car racers, as I loved everything PGR. anyway, finally got split second and I have not had as much fun in an arcade racer since burnout 3 on the original xbox (or maybe flatout carnage on the 360). superb game. I agree the rubberbanding is annoying, but then that is par for the course on arcade racers like this, besides half of the fun of games like this is racing neck and neck and trying to take out the opponents imo. A real shame the sequel was cancelled, after playing this i wouldnt hesitate to get another one. My only slight concern is the last few people playing it online will probably be experts now with all the DLC cars, so i doubt i will be able to compete..
  4. I got the 1st 12 level chieves but 14 onwards did not pop. Tried going back and hosting but no joy. Is thrre a way to fix this withou starting from scratch? Also can i trust my online progress will count? It is bloody rubbish that such simple issues still exist tn the achievement system after so much time. Its not like it is a new platform
  5. for the record this is sorted. Achievement is 10 wins back to back not 9 DOH!
  6. Hi I was going for full gs on this game and was just about to get my 9th win on the bounce achievment and it did not pop. I went to the 10th race and no joy only to see at some point i had disconnected from live. Does this mean i am screwed? Or will the achievment pop after 1 more ace when online? Or will it work if i do another 9 onthe bounce? Cheers
  7. please add me as a gun bros bros currently level 22ish but going up fairly fast GT bigmike20vturbo, will edit thread when i am full so someone else can get the love cheers PS please put gunbros in any live message
  8. wow, not the reply i was expecting. good to know though thanks...... i will be able to get me some serious damage multipliers on the guns then.
  9. Hi As topic really if i have a +20 hat and a 30 belt will they stackbto 50 of the same attribute or not Thanks
  10. I agree with your sentiments and I must admit I hate my love of achievements, its a little bit OCD i think. PS I DO think you are wrong about EA! (your sig) . I believe (possible I am wrong but dont think so) MS are the ones are to blame as their screwed over EA 1st by not allowing their use of Ferraris in the shift games - well they would as DLC on xbox but NOT PS3. (shift 2 - on PC at least - is an excellent game imo)
  11. ahh ok, interesting stuff, thanks for the info.
  12. As far as I was aware that isnt true. I thought the achievement WAS going to be complete PGR 3 and get to Rank #1 but they were forced to change it to Buy everything in the PGR Shop or complete PGR 3 and get to Rank #1 ie they were forced to change it so it was possible to get the achievement without buying pgr3 if I am wrong however I stand corrected
  13. this is an interesting one, I must admit I do like going for that little completion badge you get for getting full GS in a game (it does not happen to me that often mind you). I do NOT see the point of mindless playing however, which is why unlike some i refuse to hire a driver in forza 3 (or idle boost in gears 3) BUT have the achievements policy changed somewhat? I could be wrong but i thought that Bizarre had to patch one of the achievements in PGR IV because it had an achievement pertaining to PGR III. I was under the impression that MS told them that NO achievement could mean you have to play a different game to unlock it. I guess i must be wrong. I have forza3, if I ever get 4 (may do when its cheap) this is 1 achievement i can get with ease. Given there are so few new tracks on it however I am in no rush.
  14. I noticed above someone saying the new batman will be GFWL? Is this confirmed as I heard that that had been dropped for the new game. I am really hoping that the fact that GFWL is built into the core of windows 8 that that will mean that more (hoping ALL) PC games will end up having live achievements etc.
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