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  1. Same here. Stage 1 silver and 2 golds gave silver overall. Thought we had it that time.
  2. Twisted will be good for PVE DPS, Drowned will be good for PVP.
  3. I think it's supposed to be intermediate gear for those who aren't in progressed guilds and would struggle to get dragonflight. Also makes the time investment for dragonflight gear (especially if you make it elemental or reinforce it) more worth it if it stays BiS for more than just one mod.
  4. New bag slot is great news! Probably the thing I need most.
  5. From memory there's a boltok on Canals at the edge of the map at the end of the central bridge on which grenades spawn (go down the stairs at the end of the bridge and it's right ahead of you). Edit: sorry actually it seems like a lot of the boltok spawns from Gears 1 have been replaced by hammerburst in Gears Ultimate. Will let you know when I play next if you don't get an answer before that.
  6. I'm hoping non Microsoft-linked multiplatform games like Mass Effect and Elder Scrolls get achievements on Windows 10. Hopefully all pc games one day.
  7. Ok thanks. So I guess single player games should have a good chance of being stacks as they obviously don't have cross platform play. I'm hoping to see leading AAA pc games that are not linked to xbox at all getting achievements (as well as the big multiplatform games that are also available on xbox). As long as they get achievements I'd be happy either way, stack or no stack (but with a preference for stack ). If they don't stack I'll just play the pc version.
  8. Oh, so I guess it could be a mix of stacks and solo lists depending on various factors (or maybe just up to the devs). I'd be particularly interested to know what Gears UE will be as I'm trying to keep 100% on that series across all versions/platforms. Would happily do that twice (more) as the first is one of my all time favourite games.
  9. Hopefully someone here with both versions of a game will be able to confirm soon.
  10. I knew I had no interest in these as soon as they were announced. Hate timed stuff, want to play games for fun when I want to play them.
  11. Can't wait to play this. The achievements look fine too, although I also preferred the structure of the campaign achievements in the original (rewarding for Acts on each difficulty). Seriously should be a hell of a lot easier with respawn game types and if it unlocks at the right number. I think this will be the quickest completion of the Gears games.
  12. Just to confirm that GFWL achievements still seem to be unlocking as of 2nd July. Just unlocked one on Tinker and it's showing on my Xbox.com profile.
  13. No need to skimp on anything. All the Gears campaigns have been good. 1 was amazing for its time and probably the 1st true "next gen" game of that generation. Aside from Judgment the multiplayer has been great (admittedly with a few major complaints on each game) on all of them. Horde mode has been awesome. This is a huge game for Microsoft and I'm sure they'll go all out in solo campaign, 4/5 player co-op campaign, multiplayer, Horde, Overrun and other modes. The money will be there with Microsoft fully backing it and it likely being a very important game to X1's future.
  14. I have disc versions or GFWL downloads of everything (nothing directly from Steam) but am doing nearly every game I can before July. Have a number of people for many of the games but looking for a few extras for Blacklight Tango Down & Gotham City Impostors. How many people are needed to start a match in Quantum of Solace?
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