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  1. I finished the final chapter and beat the game and still had some achievements to get so I went back in. Hit CONTINUE and started again with my current level and all that. I'm back at the beginning though... I can't fast travel anywhere. Did I do something wrong? Am I screwed from fast traveling now?
  2. It's definitely glitched, I got it on my 23rd win, didn't have to be top 3 or anything, it's just random.
  3. I just played every single game in the arcade and no achievement popped. Anyone else having issues with this one? Second achievement in this game that hasn't popped for me when I thought I had it. Dominion hasn't popped yet either and I have 5+ wins
  4. it doesn't tell you what the items are, is there anywhere that will tell you?
  5. I've seen on one site that there is an achievement for reaching prestige Level 10 but I can't find a guide to confirm it. Is this a real achievement? Cuz if not, there's no reason to waste time prestiging
  6. Burburnator88 just helped both me and a friend of mine that was online too. Message him if you need it!!!
  7. I'm still trying (desperately) to find Jimmy Jenkins. Any help? Gamertag - Rock420RVD
  8. I need a purple or orange relic to get that achievement, if anyone has one and is willing to help me, my gamertag is Rock420RVD
  9. I need help with the "You. Will. Die." mission, no matter how hard my friend and I try, we can't beat Terramorphous. If anyone is willing to help, please add my Gamertag: Rock420RVD
  10. I've been playing the Tier 3 reamatch for about an hour now and haven't received a single one. Am I doing something wrong?
  11. I tried this game for the first time last night. Played twice, didn't complete either game. Both times the game glitched and froze in the middle of playing. None of the button were responding, but my xbox was still working (XBL party was active).
  12. Everytime I quit out or turn my xbox off my game progress does not save yet it says it uses an autosave feature. Anyone else having issues?
  13. No, I haven't. I've started taking his calls now though, doing random missions. No idea why I can't contact Merryweather or why he's not in my phone.
  14. When I call Lamar the muggers are locked and Merryweather isn't even a contact. I'm level 105. Any help?
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